Diageo’s Singapore office in 1 George Street recently got a massive refurbishment, and as part of its facelift built in a private, state-of-the-art bar that’s the pride of any corporate workplace but especially for one peddling alcohol.

As writers covering the alcohol industry we regularly get invited to visit the corporate offices of many alcohol businesses here in Singapore. Most of these offices are outfitted with a working bar, where brands can invite trade and private customers for special tastings. But leading spirits company Diageo recently renovated its office in Singapore and put in a bar space big and swanky enough to be a proper bar of its own. Not that Diageo Singapore’s work space never incorporated a bar, but the previous design put in by SCA Design years ago was tucked away in an obscure corner while the new one is a behemoth that takes pride of place on one side of the office wing. Flanking the new bar is an entire seminar space that can easily be transformed into extra seating when the bar is in full swing.

There’s a reason for it, of course; it’s the new home of the Diageo World Class Lounge in Singapore, a space that Diageo envision to be a place for those in the bar trade as well as one to entertain consumers for special cocktail and spirits experiences. From time to time, Diageo will be host award-winning bartenders – those that do well in the Diageo World Class cocktail competitions – from Singapore and around the world for special events such as cocktail masterclasses.

Diageo is also looking to make the space available to regular consumers; they are working for specialty online retailers for special tie-ups where individuals who purchase Diageo products can redeem private cocktail or single malt sessions. For example, for the months of March and April Diageo will be rewarding consumers who purchase Diageo’s World Class spirits on online retailer RedMart.

It must take some hefty investment for Diageo to devote such a large event space in a commercial building in the middle of Singapore’s busy Central Business District, but we reckon it’s merely a hat-tip and recognition to Singapore’s exploding drinks scene.


  1. Hello. Please note that this workplace and bar has been designed by M.Moser associates, Singapore. It will be good to mention their name as you are mentioning the name of the previous designer of old office.


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