If DFS is one of your key ports of call when it comes to filling your liquor cabinet or restocking your bar, then get ready this piece of news.

From now until 30 June 2018, please make haste as DFS will be absorbing all duties and taxes, for both travellers and non-travellers alike, on all wines, sakes and champagnes.

So here’s the list of beneficiaries:

  • You are one of those people who could never quite work out how much you need and always wind up asking your travel mates to spare a bottle because you’ve exceeded your duty-free allowance. You know who you are.
  • You travel to Malaysia constantly and yet; you can’t buy anything. Finally you get to experience the true joy of travel – duty-free liquor… Pro-tip: if you’re travelling back to vote come 9 May, it’s a great way to celebrate/mourn without burning more holes in your pocket.
  • You frequently travel out of Singapore for less than 48 hours and have accumulated years upon years of can-see-cannot-buy resentment.
  • You don’t travel, but you just want to buy wines, sakes, and champagnes on the cheap. Burp.

This offer is valid for Terminals 1, 2, 3, 4; you can buy as many as you like. Before you think it’s a lazy way for DFS to get rid of bargain basement stuff (well, maybe not as lazy as the writing here), it’s essentially an expansion of an ongoing promotion that has been around since 2016. The current promotion covers their entire catalogue and even includes the more upmarket stuff such as the Château La Chapelle Aux Moines Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, and the Penfolds Max’s the Promise Shiraz.

On top of that, travelling customers will still be able to purchase wines and spirits from the regular duty-free allowance combinations of (a) one litre of spirits, one litre of wine, one litre of beer, (b) two litres of wine, one litre of beer, and (c) two litres of beer, one litre of wine. It’s also known as, no, you can’t buy two bottles of whisky.

In fact, you don’t even have to travel to Changi Airport to enjoy these savings. Simply head over to iShopChangi to view DFS’ extensive collection of wines, sakes and champagnes online and place an order with via email (sin.apadmin@dfs.com) or calling the DFS Hotline (+65 6891 9180, 0900-1700H Monday to Friday), and make a payment with 24 hours via bank transfer or in-person at the airport. Plus, if you spend S$250 or more, they’ll deliver for free.

Here are a couple that DFS have chosen to highlight:

Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori
Dai-Ginjo type is considered as the most premium sake type thanks to
its high rice polishing ratio. Only if the rice is polished down to 50% or
less, the sake is called Dai-Ginjoshu (大吟醸酒). It is characterized by a fruity, somewhat floral bouquet and a clear, crisp flavour.
DFS Price: S$39.00 City Price: S$52.45 Savings: S$13.45


Frescobaldi Nipozzano Riserva
Nipozzano is a lovely ruby-red. The nose opens with dark wild berries and cherry, hints of candy floss and floral notes of lilac and chocolate. The spicy component emerges with nuances of clove and green peppercorn. Palate has a lively mineralogy. The tannin texture is tight but not sharp. The finish returns to the intense fruity notes.
DFS Price: S$36.00 City Price: S$47.70 Savings: S$11.70


Bottega Gold Prosecco Doc
Bottega Gold is a Prosecco DOC, obtained by the vilification in white of the Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills. The vineyards are located on a hilly territory that not only has a landscape of great value but also a long wine-growing tradition. The grapes are hand picked and softly pressed in the winery. The must obtained is maintained in stainless steel containers at low temperature to keep its freshness. The golden bottle protects the wine from any source of light, preserving its aroma and freshness and thus giving the wine a longer life. It features an extraordinary fruity and flowery bouquet with scents of golden apple, pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley and a fresh and elegant taste. Bottega Gold is perfect as an aperitif, in cocktails, with starters, first courses, fish and poultry.
DFS Price: S$41.80 City Price: S$52.49 Savings: S$10.69


Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is pale straw green in colour with brilliant clarity. It is zesty and aromatic with lots of lively fruit characters. It is a concentration of assertive passion fruit and tropical fruit flavours with an abundant bouquet. It is a wine that is always crisp, elegant and refreshing.
DFS Price: S$31.00 City Price: S$42.00 Savings: S$11.00


Château La Chapelle Aux Moines Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
The creation of this vineyard dates back to the 19th century. Since then, the vineyard has been owned by the same family. It is located on the east slopes of Saint Emilion, thus offering a perfect location. This clay soil gives fruity and expressive wines, with a beautiful texture in the mouth.
DFS Price: S$58.00 City Price: S$71.59 Savings: S$13.59


Penfolds Max’s the Promise Shiraz
Max’s Promise Max Schubert, one of Penfolds winemaking legends would gift his favourite wines to family and friends. A gesture that acknowledged the quality of a wine befitting of life’s special occasions. This generosity of spirit continues today and is celebrated with this special release of South Australian Shiraz.
DFS Price: S$60.00 City Price: S$74.44 Savings: S$14.44



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