Danish cider brand Somersby launches its premium Somersby Orchard Selection Sparkling Rosé cider into the Singapore market this month.

Carlsberg-owned Somersby Cider has been relatively quiet in the Singapore market in recent time; it made a big splash with its debut here back in 2012 with their original Apple Cider was followed by its Pear Cider in 2014, but then there was nary a sneeze when the Elderflower Lime and Blackcurrant variants were introduced here.

Things look to be different with the Somersby Orchard Selection Sparkling Rosé, but there’s probably good reason for it. Unlike its siblings which compete in the core cider market, this innovative premium variant instead looks to muscle into wine territory. The idea behind it is simple – why not create an expression with the familiar characteristics of Somersby cider, but imbued with the aroma and palate of wine, particularly a rosé wine, that will appeal to wine drinkers?

The result is the Somersby Sparkling Rosé, a semi-sweet rosé cider clocking in at 4.5% ABV that combines the fruitiness one expects from a Somersby cider, but also ends with a dry finish and a slight bitter edge that one would expect in a Provencal rosé.

“Through this latest offering, we (look to) offer an exceptional alternative to wine, sparkling wine, champagne and cocktails for drinks aficionados, as well as a great and easy introduction to the appreciation of alcoholic beverages,” says Olivier Dubost, General Manager, Carlsberg Singapore.

The Somersby Sparkling Rosé will be available from 13 April 2018 onwards, in individual 330ml bottles at convenience stores and in four-bottle packs at major supermarkets and hypermarkets. It will retail at a recommended retail price of S$16.90 for a four-bottle pack.


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