Singapore’s LeVeL33 – home to the world’s highest urban craft brewery – will make its first-ever brewery collaboration beer in partnership with Melbourne-based Two Birds Brewing.

Making collaboration beers is now a thing in the craft beer world. The idea is simple – put two or more brewers from different breweries together to make one beer hopefully encapsulating a theme or idea and representing the spirit of the breweries involved. Singapore’s Archipelago Brewery made a pale ale using grapes with California’s Anderson Valley Brewing Company back in 2016 specially for Singapore Craft Beer Week, for example.

But collaborations don’t have to always be between breweries. Sometimes a brewery can collaborate with a venue, an organisation or even a home brewer; Oregon’s Rogue Ales has a series of collaboration beers with donut chain Voodoo Doughnut, while closer to home Archipelago worked to create a coffee-based schwarzbier with Third Wave coffee cafe Forty Hands. LeVeL33 itself collaborated with British premium tea brand Newby Teas for a rooibois ale for World Gourmet Summit in 2016.

LeVeL33 has hopped onto the collaboration bandwagon with an international brewery, and for its first-ever collaboration has picked Two Birds Brewing from Melbourne. For those not familiar with Two Birds it’s Australia’s first female-owned brewery started by two long-time friends when it opened up back in 2011. Two Birds brewmaster Jayne Lewis was in Singapore and brought a bunch of Tasmanian hops – Ella and Vic Secret, for you beer geeks – to make the collaboration beer with LeVeL33 brewmaster Gabriel Garcia. They will be making a golden ale, a style intrinsically suited to both breweries; LeVeL33 has a penchant for making lighter style beers while Two Birds’ Golden is a popular bestseller in Melbourne.

“Honestly we didn’t take very long to decide on making a golden ale together,” shares LeVeL33’s brewmaster Gabriel Garcia, adding that brewing a seasonal Golden Ale reflects
both LeVeL33’s classic brewing tradition and Two Birds’ New World brewing approach.

“We’re very excited to be visiting Singapore and for the opportunity to brew a collaboration beer in a city with such great international influence and flourishing craft-beer scene. We look forward to bringing a touch of Australia to the world’s highest urban microbrewery at LeVeL33,” says Two Birds brewmaster, Jayne Lewis. “And who knows, we might see Two Birds beers distributed here in the near futre?” Two Birds beers are currently unavailable in Singapore.

The collaboration beer between LeVeL33 and Two Birds Brewing, 332, will be officially launched at LeVeL33 on Thursday 2 August 2018 from 5pm.

(Photo credit: Spirited Singapore)


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