Asahi’s seasonal Clear Asahi Winter enters the Singapore market for the first time this festive season.

Winter is here.

Forgive the Game of Thrones reference, but we’re really quite excited that the Clear Asahi Winter by Asahi has arrived in Singapore for the first time. Part of the beverage giant’s seasonal Clear line that also has Spring (Sakura), Summer, and Autumn versions, Clear Asahi Winter celebrates the coolest season of the year with a stronger alcohol content at 6% ABV to help you keep your spirits up.

According to Asahi, this seasonal brew is “made with Japanese-grown rice and malt using long-term fermentation methods to produce a rich yet clean tasting beer”, which we figure means the brew leans towards a more German-style lager such as a Marzen or a Bock but using rice as an adjunct. It’s certainly richer, more fuller-bodied, and maltier than the ubiquitous Asahi Dry or even the strong Clear Asahi Autumn, for sure.

The Clear Asahi Winter is available now while stocks last, and can be exclusively found at over 300 7-Eleven stores islandwide at a price of $4.80 per 350ml can (subject to GST and in-store promotions).


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