Rémy Martin debuts the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD, a very limited edition expression that’s a tribute to its former chairman André Hériard Dubreuil.

If you think Rémy Martin’s super luxurious LOUIS XIII is its penultimate cognac expression – well it is, after all the blend sees carefully selected eaux-de-vie aged for decades go into it – it unveils the ultra-limited LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD. The LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD is composed of spirit drawn from a single limousin tiercon that’s been carefully set away as a family reserve in its André Hériard Dubreuil cellar, and as such, is as rare as it sounds.

It’s the second release under the Black Pearl nomen, the first of which was launched to celebrate the maison’s 140th anniversary back in 2014. That spirit for that edition was also pulled from the Hériard Dubreuil family’s private cellars.

Named after its former chairman – who took over the Rémy Martin in 1965 and oversaw its merger with Cointreau in 1990 – the André Hériard Dubreuil cellar is supposed to be cooler, darker and damper than other cellars which helps to further slow maturation. And it was a tiercon, tucked against a chalky wall deep in an alcove in this cellar, that Rémy Martin cellar master Baptiste Loiseau set his eye on in 2017 for this special expression.

Not only the spirit is different from the usual LOUIS XIII, the Black Pearl also comes in a striking metallic-looking 35cl version of the iconic LOUIS XIII decanter inspired by a royal flask recovered in the aftermath of the Battle of Jarnac back in 1569. Made by crystal maker Baccarat, the beautiful decanter of hand-blown crystal almost steals the thunder from the wonder of the aged spirit within. Almost.

Only 1,498 sets of the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD are available across the world. It’s available for purchase in Singapore  at a price of S$17,500 directly from Rémy Cointreau. Interested parties can contact Private Client Directors Chris Kwek at chris.kwek@louisxiii-cognac.com and Morgan de Premorel at morgan,depremorel@louisxiii-cognac.com.


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