The Feather Blade is a newly-opened steak bistro concept on Club Street that focuses on one particular steak cut – the feather blade.

Imagine a steakhouse that offers essentially just one dish on the menu. The Feather Blade, a steak restaurant located in the entertainment enclave on Club Street, does just that. While other steakhouses provide a range of different cuts that patrons can choose from, the sole steak cut featured here – unless there’s a special on – is the feather blade.

This concept is not entirely new. L’Entrecote Singapore, for example, offers the entrecote cut, better known as the ribeye or Scotch fillet. The Feather Blade itself was inspired by London’s Flat Iron Steak, where The Feather Blade founder Leong Sheen Jet worked for a stint.

The feather blade, also known as the oyster blade or the flat iron steak, is derived from the cattle’s shoulder. The cut tends to be cheaper than most because it’s tougher and comes with a gristly membrane and so is harder to prepare, but it can also be more flavourful that the usual ribeye when prepared properly. If you like flank or hanger, chances are you’ll enjoy the feather blade – from Australian cattle – too.

Which The Feather Blade does well. Best served medium rare, The Feather Blade Steak ($21++) is tender yet with a decent chew gives a robust beef flavour. You pay $2++ each if you want sauce – there are four to choose from – and we heartily recommend the red wine sauce, but for fun its Szechuan peppercorn sauce is a delicious Chinese twist to the usual black pepper sauce.

Sides are additional at $7++ each. Corn – essentially creamed corn- and Mushrooms are both well executed but not the most exciting of choices; Spinach though is creamed spinach that’s possibly one of the best renditions we’ve tasted in a while, and beats out those from far pricier steakhouses around town.

Even better than the feather blade steak is The Feather Blade’s off-menu Burger ($21++). The bistro cleverly takes the off cuts from its steak prep – fibrous membrane, fat and all – that it renders into an extremely juicy patty. It’s one of the most simplest, naked burgers around though; just semi-brioche buns sandwiching a well-seasoned and -seared patty that’s smothered in bearnaise. Not fancy, just tasty.

Just remember this is off-menu – you have to specifically ask for this, and it may be sold out even when you do.

As it stands you probably find it more challenging to pick your beverage to pair with your steak or burger. Four beers from Scotland’s BrewDog, four cocktails, three red wines, three white wines, and three sakes comprise the tightly curated drinks menu, but are still more options than those for chow.

We’re not sure if Brit In Mexico ($13++) – a take on the Bloody Mary – constitutes a good pairing with either steak or burger, but the Old Fashioned ($13++) works well. For something refreshing, the Kyoho Sangria ($13++) is a fun, even fruitier reimagination of the punch using red wine, Kyoho grape juice and Cointreau.

If a wine pairing is too boring for you, The Feather Blade is one of the few places that offer sake to go with your mains.

The Feather Blade is unlikely to score any points with anyone who isn’t a carnivore; if you love your steak – or a good burger – it’s definitely a welcome addition to the local dining scene.

The Feather Blade

Address 90 Club St, Singapore 069458 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 5.30pm to 12am on Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays; 5.30pm to 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays; closed on Mondays
Facebook thefeatherblade
Instagram @thefeatherblade


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