Danish cider brand Somersby has launched the Somersby Sparkling White in Singapore, a semi-sweet cider inspired by white wine.

Carlsberg-owned Somersby Cider, Singapore’s leading cider brand, has unveiled a new variant – the Somersby Sparkling White is a semi-sweet bubbly cider that’s rather unlike its fruit-imbued counterparts such as the original Apple Cider, Pear Cider or even its Elderflower Lime and Blackcurrant variants. Instead it borrows the flavours from semi-sweet white wine while retaining the refreshing, lower-alcohol drinkability of a cider – at 4.5% ABV – that may just appeal to wine drinkers.

The Somersby Sparkling White is not the brand’s first wine inspired cider, of course. Last year Somersby introduced the Somersby Orchard Selection Sparkling Rosé, a semi-sweet rosé cider combining the fruitiness one expects from a Somersby cider, but with a dry finish and a slight bitter edge that one would expect in a Provencal rosé. This time though, the Sparkling White is more akin to a Moscato d’Asti and makes the perfect aperitif with its semi-sweet flavour that hints of white wine but without the usual accompanying astringency and bitter finish.

“We are proud to unveil Somersby Sparkling White, a refreshing semi-sweet cider full of tingling live bubbles with a fruity white wine aroma. This product innovation has the best of both worlds – the refreshment of a cider combined with the taste of white wine,” said Olivier Dubost, Carlsberg Singapore General Manager.

“(It) is a great alternative to white wine, sparkling wine or champagne. You can enjoy it anytime of the day, and it’s most definitely best paired with food,” he added.


Somersby Sparkling White is currently available as individual bottles (330ml) at convenience stores and in 4-bottle packs at major supermarkets and hypermarkets with a recommended retail price of S$16.90 for a 4-bottle pack. and is also available at the following bars: KPO Café Bar, Mischief @ Esplanade, Rookery, Ice-Cold Beer, No.5 Emerald Hill Bar, 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar, eM by the Marina, Harry’s, and Bar Bar Black Sheep.



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