Do we need another lager? The guys behind Tuas Brewing Co. certainly think so and that’s why they’ve come up with the Singapore Lager.

They’re also the same guys behind Trouble Brewing, so are they definitely not new to the game.

Singapore Lager is the first brew from the this newly formed offshoot. So why a new company to launch this brew? Joseph Barratt, Co-Founder and CEO of Singapore Lager and Trouble Brewing​, explains that for one, Singapore Lager isn’t a craft brew – it’s regular lager made by craft beer guys, which explains the need to create another entity (Tuas Brewing Co.) to distinguish it from Trouble Brewing.

“Our aim was to create a brew that walks the line between the freshness of a craft and the drinkability of a mainstream beer,” he added.

At its core, Singapore Lager is another viable option for locals who like cold lagers with their food; hawker food, in particular, was an inspiration for Master Brewer Greg Spiers while he was creating this beer. “​We’ve created a beer that is easygoing and super-drinkable, ensuring it appeals to a broad range of tastes and pairs with many different types of food for all food-loving Singaporeans. It has a light, crisp body and a crystal-clear golden hue.”

Singapore Lager is a simple, clean lager that’s doesn’t feel too gassy but at times it might be a little mild though it does have more body than the average supermarket lager. But what it lacks in explosion of flavour, it comes into its own as a thirst quencher and food accompaniment.

Greg shared that they spent the last three months or so testing and tweaking their recipe so that it could work with most local favourites. Not only is it a good palate cleanser, it goes well with many of the strident notes that we’ve grown to love that may not go well with other brews or spirits. The citrusy notes nestle gregariously with Xiao long Bao; it stands up to oily chicken rice with its garlic-heavy chilli; salty and spicy noodles will hardly faze it; the faint sulphuric notes from the yeast works with eggs.

For the price, Singapore Lager is certainly a viable alternative to your usual Tiger and Heineken and it’s readily available via RedMart by the bottle ($4) or case of 24 ($84). It’s also available from multiple partner outlets across Singapore, including ​BQ Bar​, ​Bull & Bear​, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub​, ​Summerlong​, and ​The Depot​. Personally, I think it’ll work best if they can bundle it together with FoodPanda or if they can make available at coffeeshops…

Singapore Lager will also be on offer at Beerfest Asia 2019, from 27-30th June.


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