Acclaimed New Zealand TE MANA LAMB, the “wagyu of lambs”, enters the spotlight at Bedrock Bar & Grill in the third instalment of its World Meat Series.

For the month of September, local grill and steakhouse Bedrock Bar & Grill will be shining the spotlight on New Zealand TE MANA LAMB as part of its World Meat Series. This is the first time that Bedrock is featuring lamb; previous editions showcased beef that was dry aged in sake kasu and California’s Brandt beef.

Farmed on the elevated pastoral land of New Zealand’s South Island, TE MANA LAMB is top quality lamb that comes with intramuscular fat that possesses of naturally high levels of healthy Omega-3 acids and polyunsaturated fats. More importantly though, its flavour is exceedingly mild and bereft of the funky gaminess that tends to put some diners off lamb.

For its third World Meat Series, Bedrock will be featuring three dishes using this special lamb. For those who want to fully experience this lamb there’s the Full Rack of Lamb ($148++, main picture) that comes with a side of roasted root vegetables and a rosemary mint jam, or the Boneless Lamb Loin ($75++) with beluga lentil stew and yoghurt if you don’t like wrestling with bones. For those squeamish about eating lamb, the Pulled Lamb Burger ($42++, pictured below) – which actually comes with tender sliced lamb and not shredded like Southern-style pulled pork – is a fabulously luxurious burger oozing with flavour.

We recommend any good Pinot Noir from New Zealand’s Central Otago to go with these dishes because – as they say – what grows together goes together. Alternatively there’s a range of decent classic cocktails you can pick from if pairing isn’t quite as important – the Cadillac Margarita ($19++) is perfect on a warm day to start your meal, while the Bedrock Whisky Sour ($19++) can help refresh the palate in between chews.

This edition of Bedrock Bar & Grill’s World Meat Series featuring TE MANA LAMB is available from now till 30 September 2019.


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