The LOUIS XIII Time Collection: Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 – the second release in its exceptional Time Collection series – celebrates the city of Paris at the start of the 20th century.

Leading cognac brand Rémy Martin has unveiled to the Singapore market the LOUIS XIII Time Collection: Tribute to City of Lights – 1900, the second release in its ultra-premium Time Collection series. This release is a limited edition boxed set that’s been created in partnership with two other iconic French brands, the Monnaie de Paris as well as the The Cristallerie of Saint-Louis.

While the first Time Collection edition The Origin – 1874 was an exploration of the origins of LOUIS XIII, the follow-up release Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 is a look at glimmering city of Paris in the year of 1900. That was a special epoch in Paris’ – and the world’s – history, a magical time when art, science and culture was bubbling away furiously. That year Paris was hosting the Exposition Universelle (better known as the Paris Exposition), a global festival where exhibitors celebrated the achievements of the previous century and attempted to divine what was to happen in the following one. That was the time when the diesel engine was first showcased, for example, and when Art Noveau as an art and design style became popular. While the Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 is in no way a time capsule of that era – we highly doubt there’s a drop of eaux-de-vie distilled in 1900 present in any of the 2,000 numbered decanters – it is special in that three legendary French houses have gotten together to create this masterpiece.

What’s important to note is that Rémy Martin founder Paul-Émile actually served as a member of the Paris Universal Exposition jury and actually presented LOUIS XIII at the festival. At the same time, the Monnaie de Paris had minted the 40,000 medals that were awarded throughout the 210-day event. As for Saint Louis, they have been the house of choice for Rémy Martin to make the crystal decanters housing its precious LOUIS XIII liquid.

LOUIS XIII Time Collection- Tribute to City of Lights - 1900 pack

The Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 features a meticulously-handcrafted decanter that comes with 13 dentelle spikes instead of the usual 10, a stopper in the form of an upturned decanter, and 7 fleur-de-lys decorated with 18-karat champagne gold. It also comes with a unique LOUIS XIII Time Collection: Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 central medallion. Even the champagne gold metal coffret is different; the designs on each side are inspired by illustrations from the archives of the Monnaie de Paris, with each capturing a facet of Paris in 1900. Each boxed set also comes with a full-size medal specially minted by the Monnaie de Paris special workshops and engraved with the same unique number as the decanter.


The LOUIS XIII Time Collection: Tribute to City of Lights – 1900 is available for purchase at S$10,600 at Changi Airport, or through direct sales with LOUIS XIII Private Client Director Morgan de Premorel at


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