New Singapore craft brewery Off Day Beer Company launches a range of approachable brews for old and new craft beer drinkers.

The Singapore beer market sees a new craft beer brand enter the fray with Off Day Beer from Off Day Beer Company, and it debuts here with a range of four beers brewed and packaged in Singapore that are targeted at “new drinkers, for the everyman and for those who appreciate good beer”.

Off Day’s initial range at launch include its core Off Day Beer Easy IPA, a refreshing beer that balances the hoppiness of an IPA with the crispness of a pilsner, as well as the Off Day Pale, a maltier brew balanced by some citrusy hops.

Then there’s the Off Day Haze, a session IPA for those who prefer a hazier, more New England/East Coast twist to their beers, while the Off Day Double is a double IPA – clocking in at 8% ABV – that gives you the resinous, bitter bite you’d expect from a West Coast style imperial IPA.

Off Day Beer Company may be new but it is actually founded by a star-studded company of veterans in Singapore’s craft beer industry; Kasster Soh and Jasmin Tan are founders of craft beer distribution company The Mad Tapper, while Kevin Ngan is one of the names behind Good Luck Beerhouse and Temple Cellars. Its brewers are none other than Daryl Yeap of Daryl’s Urban Ales, and Casey Choo of That Singapore Beer Project, two of Singapore’s most cutting-edge craft beer brands.

“Our beers are designed to be approachable; hop-driven yet balanced; it’s our modern interpretation on classic styles that we personally want to drink while we’re relaxing on our own off days,” shares co-founder Kasster Soh.


You can find Off Day Beer at all good craft beer outlets across Singapore, including 3rd Culture Brewing Co, Almost Famous CraftBeer Bar, American Taproom, In Bad Co, Orh Gao Taproom, SG Taps, Smith Street Taps, and Temple Cellars.



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