Singapore breweries band together for #SGCraftTogether, a collaboration effort which makes each other’s beers available in mixed cases on their online stores.

In what is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by Singapore’s craft beer industry, eleven local breweries have banded together in a show of solidarity during these coronavirus-challenged times. As part of their #SGCraftTogether initiative, each of the eleven breweries will be offering a unique mixed case featuring beers from participating local breweries on their individual online stores.

The recent circuit breaker lockdown measures imposed by the Singapore government in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19 disease essentially shut all local watering holes, making it extremely difficult for beer enthusiasts to access their favourite local beers. And while most local breweries have pivoted to selling their beers through their online stores, it’s still challenging times. But the #SGCraftTogether collaboration cases will feature an assortment of beers from participating breweries and then offered on their online stores, allowing consumers to easily access and explore the beers from different local breweries with one single online order.

Among the participating breweries are pioneering ones like Reddot Brewhouse, Archipelago and Brewerkz, cutting-edge craft brands such as Brewlander and Off Day Beer, and even newly established ones like Alive Brewing, Wild Brew and Sunbird Brewing Co.

The current list of participating breweries are:

  • Alive Brewing
  • Archipelago Brewery
  • Brewerkz
  • Brewlander
  • LeVeL33
  • Lion Brewery Co
  • Off Day Beer Co
  • Paulaner Brahaus Singapore
  • Reddot Brewhouse
  • Sunbird Brewing Co
  • Wild Brew

More breweries – and beers – are expected to come onboard, including Rye & Pint Singapore, Crust and The 1925 Brewing Co.

#SGCraftTogether was first mooted by Gabriel Garcia, brewmaster of LeVeL33, who approached a number of other breweries on a beer exchange. “Simply put the idea was to share our sales channel with others so that we might help each other. If it didn’t work out we’d just drink the beers ourselves,” Garcia explains. But it took on, and from an initial five breweries the project grew to encompass most of the breweries in Singapore.

“I was inspired by Gabriel’s initial invitation to swap some beers (with us for this project), and felt this is a good opportunity to have more local breweries onboard and do something exciting together,” shares John Wei, founder and head brewer of Brewlander.

“90% of consumers here in Singapore only know beer to be commercial lagers, and #SGCraftTogether creates convenience and accessibility with beers from at least 11 local breweries delivered to your door step,” Wei added. “Hopefully, this marks the start for us local breweries to collaborate even closer in future.”

“#SGCraftTogether is a solidarity project, an exercise in awareness for the hard hit local brewing community. To get to work with other brewers and foster a sense of unity amongst ourselves? That’s priceless, and really up our alley of bringing people together with good beers at Off Day Beer Co,” says Kevin Ngan, co-founder of Off Day Beer Company.

If you’ve never tried the beers from these local breweries before, the assorted cases are your best bet as the #SGCraftTogether collaboration cases are packaged at random to celebrate and showcase the quality and range of local beers. They are available in both six-pack and twelve-pack cases at $39 and $78 respectively (including GST), and available in the online stores of all participating breweries while stocks last. Delivery charges apply.


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