The range of pouched cocktails enter the Singapore market at a time when drinking at home is at an all-time high thanks to coronavirus lockdown measures.

Ask any cocktail connoisseur just two months back about ready-to-drink cocktails – be they in cans, bottles or convenience pouches – the answer would have been a strict no-no. Much of the enjoyment of a cocktail is in watching the making of it, they’d argue. In our current coronavirus plagued days of lockdown though, these ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails can often mean the difference between an absolute shit show of an evening and a pleasantly passable one.

And so it is that where once the RTD cocktails of – launched by spirits distributor Gain Brands – would have been met with derision, these conveniently packaged libations are now a liquid godsend. Founded by Gain Brands’ Head of Brand and Business Development Laura Barker, previously offered a range of easy-drinking cocktails in bottled form. has now expanded its range to include three cocktails in convenience pouches.

There’s Lychee Martini, which combines sweet lychee, bittersweet astringency of grapefruit and floral elderflower for a tropical twist on the favourite classic. The Passion Teani, on the other hand works zingy passionfruit into a black tea based martini, while the Lemongrass Cooler will remind you of lounging at the spa with its lemongrass, kaffir lime, and mint. They all use cold-pressed juices as well in their making.

To enjoy, just throw the pouches into the freezer. Take them out and let it thaw a bit before you pour into a glass. Add a splash of soda or prosecco to add some fizz or dial the intensity down.

The use of convenience pouches – as opposed to bottles – is that they’re easier to carry around and takes up a lot less space in your fridge. The only problem is that it makes it way too easy to want a cocktail, which is all the time in these coronavirus-imposed stay-at-home days.

The RTD range of pouched cocktails are available at Gain Brands; current promotions include a “Party Package” of 9 x 500ml pouches at $248 and a “Two for Two Package” at $58 inclusive of two pouched cocktails and two bottles of Double Dutch soda water.


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