Newly-opened 8ASH on Ann Siang Hill combines three different modern fast food concepts – Mirai Burgers, Hoshi Hill, and Love Handle Burgers – in a retro 60s-kitted shophouse space.

The newest kids on the notoriously competitive Ann Siang Hill block is 8ASH, a 40-seater casual dining space that aims to relook at the idea of fast food and casual dining. What’s unique is that the “multi-concept casual diner” by the Ebb & Flow Group houses not one but three distinctly different brands under one roof.

There’s Mirai Burgers, an American-Japanese burger concept; the casual-luxe Japanese Hoshi Hill, as well as Love Handle Burgers, which offers fully-vegan fast food and burger options to those so inclined. And because they share the same space, diners can essentially order and dine from all three menus.

8ASH burgers and steak

You’re looking at the likes of the Katsu Okonomiyaki Burger from Mirai Burgers, which puts together combines a katsu-sando with the flavours of okonomiyaki but using a brioche burger bun. There’s also the Yuzu Karaage Burger, which nestles chicken fried in a yuzu kosho crust, American slaw and cheddar.

On the other hand, Hoshi Hill offers affordably priced takes on modern luxe Japanese eats. Consider the Hokkaido Scallop Chilled Somen, which sees somen topped with fat slices of Hokkaido scallop and a generous dollop of ikura. It’s a dish you’d expect to pay over $35 elsewhere; here’s it’s just $25 for a main portion. We enjoyed the Hoshi Wagyu Steak too, perfectly tender roasted Australian rump steak sliced that’s great for sharing.

8ASH Hoshi Hill somen

Of the three concepts in 8ASH, the fully vegan Love Handle Burgers may be the real game changer. Vegan fare tend to be regarded as esoteric and pricey, but Love Handle could change that perspective. What could be more proletarian that a full range of affordably tasty burgers that just so happened to be vegan-friendly Like its Mushroom Cheese Burger, for example, features an Impossible patty smothered with mushrooms and cheese. Or the Vegan “Ramli”, which comes with the flavours of the iconic street food favourite. There’s even vegan desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

We’re also glad that 8ASH offers a more than decent beverage programme for a casual joint like this. We like the wide range of craft beers offered here. There are options like Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, or Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA, both of which are great to wash the burgers down with. There are a few sake options too, such as the sweet Takara Mio Sparkling Sake which pairs well with the somen from Hoshi Hill.

If you’re looking to try, 8ASH officially opens 30 October 2020. For its opening it will be throwing a special promotion on 4, 5, 11, and 12 Nov 2020 from 5pm to 9-30pm where the first 150 people in a socially-distanced queue pay just $1 for some menu items by simply playing with the IG filter. It’ll be a great way to try some items from these modern casual fast food menus.


Address 8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11.30am-10pm Mondays to Wednesdays; 11.30am to 10.30pm Thursdays to Saturdays; closed on Sundays
Tel (65) 8233 0113


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