Modern izakaya and bar Neon Pigeon, originally on Keong Saik Road, sets up its new nest at Carpenter Street. Enter Neon Pigeon 2.0.

Eclectic Japanese-inspired gastrobar Neon Pigeon has moved. The wildly popular “modern urban izakaya”, best known for offering its irreverent take on contemporary fusion Japanese cuisine and fun cocktails in the Keong Saik Road dining and entertainment enclave since 2015, has been closed since July last year.

Towards the end of last month it found a new spot to roost on Carpenter Street, at the other end of Singapore’s Central Business District.

“Neon Pigeon 2.0 builds upon the same energy that brought the original venue to life and turns up the dial. We’re back and ready for the noisemakers, community of misfits, round pegs in square holes, who have all been part of our journey to give them what they love about us and more,” shared Rohit Roopchand, co-founder of The Dandy Collection which operates Neon Pigeon.

And more is right.

Neon Pigeon 2.0 is a far bigger, open space. Diners are first greeted by a cocktail bar, fronted by new head bartender Andy Griffiths (previously from the now-defunct air travel-themed cocktail bar Idlewild at InterContinental Singapore). It then opens up to a sprawling dining area adorned with Neon Pigeon’s familiar gritty, punk rock look, complete with three striking wall murals by renown local visual artist Zulkarnaen Othman (better known as ZERO).

But more importantly for gourmands, Neon Pigeon continues to dish out bold and exciting flavours with a revamped menu – helmed by new head chef Paul Lim – that introduces new creations but also retains familiar old favourites.

Fans of seafood would enjoy Hiroshima Oysters and Horse Mackerel Crudo, that comes out of its new Raw Bar. The ever-popular Tokyo Hummus from its previous menu at Keong Saik – a dip made from creamed edamame that you eat with curried crisps – remains one of the best appetisers to peck on. Then there’s Bone Marrow & Uni, which feature two of the most unctuously-creamy delicacies that surprisingly works together in a single mouthful.

neon pigeon 2.0 oysters and cocktails

Carnivores are likely to enjoy Grilled Duck Breast, which comes as spectacularly juicy slices of duck along with some lovely curried pumpkin puree, or the robustly flavoured and meaty steak that is Charcoal Fired Rump.

If you love your carbs, a fabulous new addition to the menu is Sweet Cornrice, a bizarre yet delicious rice-based dish that tastes like a hybrid of corn chowder and vegetarian paella. Egg yolk adds silkiness to the rice, while tempura seaweed provide crunch.

Neon Pigeon was well-lauded for its cocktail offerings at its original location, and with Griffiths on board Neon Pigeon 2.0 looks to continue that drinking tradition. So make sure you peruse of their cocktails. We enjoyed the quirkiness of Ichi-go-lightly, a gin sour with flavours of sweet strawberry and savoury nori, and the Kosupure, a fruity tipple made with Midori that will work well as your first drink.

neon pigeon sake

For something stronger, the smoky Teared Negroni – made with sake, umeshu, Campari and vermouth – will make the perfect aperitif. Just as smoky and punchy is O.F. RX-78-2, a take on the Old Fashioned concocted with Super Nikka and Ardbeg whiskies, cacao bitters, and maple.

And if you love sake, Neon Pigeon stocks a big enough selection of sake and shochu – including its own Neon Pigeon Sake junmai daiginjo label – to tickle your fancy.

Neon Pigeon

Address 36 Carpenter Street, #01-01, Singapore 059915 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to close, daily
Tel (65) 6222 3623
Facebook neonpigeonsg
Instagram @neonpigeonsgcure_singapore




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