CÉ LA VI unveils a new and unique signature cocktail programme that caters to each individual space within the scenic rooftop destination.

The rooftop view at CÉ LA VI is always an attraction, perched as it is on the topmost floor of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands. But there may just be a new reason to visit, especially for cocktail hounds – it’s recently launched a new cocktail programme with specific drinks catered for the different lifestyle sections within its space.

The new drinks programme was conceptualised by new CÉ LA VI lead mixologist Andrew Hyman, who joined just before Singapore’s circuit breaker period. For his new menu, Hyman taps inspiration from his over two decades of bartending across seven different countries for new CÉ LA VI signature cocktails that are decidedly cosmopolitan in both look and taste.

For example, the SkyBar signatures – concocted for the open-air area of CÉ LA VI with possibly some of the best views of the Singapore Marina Bay waterfront – are more whimsical and fun. There’s the tequila-based Paper Lantern, which is rife with fruit and floral notes from physalis, passion fruit and thyme, or Old Memories, a playful twist on an Old Fashioned with flavours inspired by sa koo khao pod, the Thai dessert of corn and sago pudding.

CÉ LA VI new range of cocktails
Some of CÉ LA VI new signature cocktails include (from left to right) Yuzito, Paya Naga, Border Crossing #2, and Crimson Globe.

Over at the restaurant proper, Hyman designed various signature cocktails to pair with CÉ LA VI’s modern Asian cuisine. Even is a New York Sour with a spicy Japanese twist, using hibiscus tea in lieu of the usual red wine, while shichimi togarashi provides some heat. Mojokerto Regency is a mish-mash of Southeast Asian flavours, the vodka-based tipple exuding notes of coconut, pandan, ginger, kaffir lime, and lemongrass. We’re a big fan of Crimson Globe, a Negroni twist that’s slightly sweetened with the use of plum and raisin-infused Campari.

Then there’s the Sky Lounge too, with its own set of drinks. Golden Age offering a Thai take on the classic Daiquiri, its herbal lemongrass and kaffir lime notes reminiscent of tom yam. Happy Afternoon is a fruity and refreshing highball with coconut and lychee flavours that would help to slake thirsts after a workout on the dance floor (when those parties can happen again).

Some cocktails, like Happy Afternoon, straddle the menus for the different spaces.

“Given the great cultural diversity and rich flavour profile across the region, I want our guests to be able to experience all that Southeast Asia has to offer right here at CÉ LA VI,” said Andrew Hyman, lead mixologist at CÉ LA VI.

“We have three unique bars to suit different occasions, so we have designed our cocktail menus to replicate this,” he added.


Address 1 Bayfront Avenue. Level 57, Tower 3, Marina Bay Sands, Hotel, 018971  (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 4pm to 10.30pm Mondays to Fridays; 12pm to 10.30pm on Saturdays; 12pm to 9pm on Sundays
Web www.celavi.com
Facebook celavisingapore
Instagram @celavisingapore


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