The newest Brewerkz outlet, located at One Fullerton, is the pioneering brewery’s most family-friendly and gastronomic-focused yet.

Brewerkz, first opened back in 1997, was possibly Singapore’s first-ever fully-fledged brewpub restaurant. It was also likely to be Singapore’s first real craft brewery and attracted beer lovers of all sorts, even before craft beer became the enduring trend that it is today. At its height, Brewerkz’s sprawling space at Riverside Point was home to a brewery, a massive indoor dining hall, various function rooms, as well as spacious outdoor seating.

And while that flagship outlet has now scaled to a smaller size – its brewery operation having shifted out to Tai Seng – it’s also since opened a number of outlets across Singapore. The most recent, Brewerkz One Fullerton that opened end of last year, is its most impressive taproom yet.

Brewerkz at One Fullerton takes over the space that used to be The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, a venue with a view overlooking the entirety of the Marina bayfront. Unlike the dreary, dive bar-esque Brewerkz of old, its One Fullerton outlet is more contemporary and upmarket in design. It’s far more bright and cheery too, making it conducive for families.

Brewerkz One Fullerton 3 Cheese Truffle Focaccina
Opt for spent grain dough for your 3 Cheese Truffle Focaccina, made with spent grain from the beer making process at Brewerkz’s Tai Seng brewery. 

Likewise for the food menu. The new outlet has taken many of the favourites at its other outlets, but has added more seafood elements to reflect its waterfront location. You’ll fiond the classic Golden Ale Fish & Chips and Red Hot Buffalo Wings that were wildly popular in its Riverside Point venue, for example, or the Meat Lovers and Tandoori Chicken pizzas that are hits from its Indoor Stadium outlet.

There are various dishes exclusive to Brewerkz One Fullerton. You’re looking at the likes of the shockingly moreish Burratina Gazpacho, which sees the creamy cheese doused in a cold tomato based soup, or the Bay Area Seafood Platter that comes chockfull with seafood of all kinds. Those who love cheese (or truffle) should order the 3 Cheese Truffle Focaccina, a double stacked pizza that you can ask to be made with a spent grain dough base.

Brewerkz One Fullerton Shogun Burger
The Shogun Burger exclusive to this outlet features a Japanese OHMI A5 wagyu beef patty.

But if you’re a burger fiend, the Shogun Burger – with its chunky Japanese OHMI A5 wagyu beef patty will hit the spot.

As befitting of one of Singapore’s best known craft breweries, Brewerkz One Fullerton is home to a fully-fledged taproom featuring most of not all of its brews. From classic old-school favourites such as its Golden Ale and Oatmeal Stout to the specially concocted beers for its Sentosa collaboration, the beers here are freshly transported here daily from its Tai Seng brewery. Be sure to try some of their seasonal beers as well – we enjoyed the refreshingly citrusy Circuit Breaker New England IPA, which paired very well with our seafood dishes.

Beers at Brewerkz One Fullerton
The Brewerkz taproom at One Fullerton has one of the widest selections of Brewerkz beers in Singapore, and rightfully so.

“The team at Brewerkz is constantly finding ways to deliver quality experiences in life’s greatest pleasures: eating and drinking. Brewerkz One Fullerton is testament to this dedication – it is a place where handcrafted beers, gastronomic offerings, and a laid-back ambience come together, elegantly creating an inviting space for everyone,” says Tan Wee Han, CEO of Brewerkz.

Brewerkz (One Fullerton)

Address 1 Fullerton Road #01-01 One Fullerton, 049213 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 12pm to 10.30pm daily
Facebook BrewerkzSg
Instagram @brewerkzsg



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