Sentosa and Brewerkz team up to create Islander Brew, a set of four carbon-neutral beers inspired by different landmarks in Sentosa.

Beer collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, and unfortunately many fall into the category of all fizz and no flavour. We’re glad to report that Islander Brew, a set of four beers borne out of a collaboration between Sentosa Development Corporation and Brewerkz to promote the island destination, is as tasty as their descriptions make them sound.

Islander Brew is a set of four different brews, each of which are named after iconic landmarks on Sentosa and inspired by edible plants that can be found there.

You have the likes of the Belgian-style witbier Tanjong Rimau, named after the western tip of Sentosa that has some of the most unique rock formations in Singapore. It incorporates the use of nutmeg and coriander, along with a touch of citrus. Bukit Manis is a Kölsch made in the style of the signature beer from Cologne, but with the addition of jasmine to provide a beautiful whiff of floral aroma.

Then there’s Fort Siloso, named after Singapore’s last remaining coastal fort built by the British back in 1879. This beer is a rich and robust English Porter, and incorporates notes of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Finally we have Siloso Beach – today a stretch of sand that’s home to some of trendiest Singapore’s beachside bars and restaurants – that’s a gose. The gose is a salty-sour beer that’s recently back in trend, and this take by Brewerkz uses sea salt and kaffir lime in its making.

Unlike many collaboration beers that seem too much like a force fit of different jarring ideas, Islander Brew makes perfect sense. You’ll find the use of adjuncts here exceedingly clever; jasmine is a perfect addition for a refreshing Kölsch, but also a hat tip to the spa retreats in the Bukit Manis area, for example.

islander brew siloso beach

But what’s particularly interesting is that Islander Brew is Singapore’s first-ever carbon neutral beers and forms part of Sentosa Development Corporation’s decarbonisation roadmap for Sentosa; that is, there’s no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making them likely to be the first-ever environmentally-friendly Singapore-made beers. The collaboration beers are also part of ‘Made With Passion’ initiative by the Singapore Brand Office and Singapore Tourism Board, supported by Enterprise Singapore.

“We are thrilled to partner Brewerkz to launch the Islander Brew,” said Mira Bharin, Director of Brand, Marketing and Communications, Sentosa Development Corporation. “Together, the beers will give guests a fresh take on the Sentosa getaway. Choose to unwind with the Islander Brew at some of Sentosa’s dining establishments or in the comfort of your home.”

“This is our first destination-inspired beer collection, and marks our biggest and most comprehensive collaboration ever,” commented Tan Wee Han, Owner and CEO of Brewerkz. “We are proud to partner Sentosa, and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our capabilities as a local home-grown brand for Singapore’s iconic leisure destination.”

“With Islander Brew, we hope to enhance visitors’ experience when they visit the island, and offer them a small piece of the Sentosa holiday vibe – all in a beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime,” Tan added.

Islander Brew can be found in participating Sentosa food and beverage establishments, and are also available on the shelves at participating supermarkets and online retail channels from 7 December 2020. Islander Brew retails at S$7 per can, or $25 for a set of four.


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