8 by Bottles & Bottles is the wine retailer’s new drink-in concept at Changi Airport Terminal 3 that lets you open a bottle and imbibe there at bottle shop prices.

With global travel mostly throttled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, aside from some dining establishments in Jewel at Changi there isn’t really any good reason to drop into Changi Airport. But homegrown wine and spirits retailer Bottles & Bottles wants to give you one – a reason that involves, surprise surprise, plenty of bottles. It recently launched 8 by Bottles & Bottles, its first drink-in concept, right alongside its bottle retail outlet in Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

8 by Bottles & Bottles features an extensive selection of wines, spirits and even sake which you can buy and drink on site at bottle shop prices. That’s right – unlike at restaurants and bars that charge you a premium for your beverages on top of the relevant service charges, here you’re just paying regular retail pricing and yet able to consume your bottle purchase on site. And with Bottles & Bottles being their own importer and distributor curating its own portfolio of brands – they bring in the likes of Domaine Naturaliste from Margaret River, Taylors Wakefield from Clare Valley, Eperosa from Barossa Valley, Champagne’s Champagne Cattier, and Mallorca’s Bodega Son Mayol – means you’re already going to get a pretty decent deals on bottles here.

8 by Bottles & Bottles spirits shelf
Aside from wines, 8 by Bottles & Bottles offers a selection of over 450 spirits that range from cognacs and gins, to vodka and whiskies.

There’s more than wines too – there’s a selection of over 450 spirits as well. Cognac enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that 8 by Bottles & Bottles carries various cognac exclusives from lauded producers HINE, Davidoff, and Tesseron. Those from Tesseron include exemplary expressions such as the Lot No. 90 XO Ovation and Lot No. 76 XO Tradition, which offers their nuanced terroir-focused takes of Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard aged in the cellars of Châteauneuf-sur-Charente. Other highlights of the spirits list include Kyrö Gin from Finland, NIKKA Taketsuru Pure Malt, KAVALAN Peated Malt Singapore Edition 2020, and the iconic LOUIS XIII.

8 by Bottles & Bottles also sees the bottle retailer’s first serious foray into sake. Sake aficionados can find exclusives from Kunimare, a beloved Hokkaido brewery dating back to the Meiji era. The Kunimare Shuzo Jyunmai Ginjyo Hokkaido Limited, for example, is a particularly prized find. Also available is the Junmai Daiginjyo Senshomasamune Takenisuzume from Katsuyama, previously enjoyed exclusively by the feudal lords of Sendai, and the award-winning Keigetsu CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo, which uses Kochi Prefecture exclusive yeast CEL24. Even better – glassware, buckets, and ice are provided without charge if required.

There’s a small in-house wine-friendly snack selection – there’s the Beef Cubes with Red Wine Sauce and a Cheese Platter, for example – but what makes 8 by Bottles & Bottles even more attractive as a stopover is that it has a bring-your-own-food policy. This means you can purchase and bring in food from surrounding restaurants within Changi Airport (or even from food delivery platforms) to have with your alcoholic beverages here.

8 by Bottles & Bottles food and drink
8 by Bottles & Bottles has a friendly dine-in policy that allows you to order in food from the surrounding restaurants to go with your drinks.

“Bottles & Bottles has always been about allowing everyone to explore different wines, spirits and, now, sake, in a comfortable manner. 8 is a culmination of our philosophy,” explains Koh Chin Liang, owner of Bottles & Bottles. “We’re offering a bigger, yet still accessible range of beverages and with a bring-your-own-food policy in this laidback space, and we’re excited to be part of new pairings and experiences consumers might find here,” added Koh.

So when travel opens up, 8 by Bottles & Bottles will make a great stopover while you’re waiting to pick someone up from the airport, or to lounge at before your impending flight out. But with its friendly dine-in policy and bottle prices being so reasonable, why wait?

8 by Bottles & Bottles

Address 65 Airport Boulevard, #B2, Terminal 3 51A, Singapore 819663 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11.00am to 10pm daily
Web www.8bybottlesandbottles.com.sg
Facebook 8bybottlesandbottles
Instagram @8bybottlesandbottlessg



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