TiNDLE partners 10 dining and drinking venues to present exclusive bar bites made with the plant-based chicken alternative for the month of September.

Looking to cut down on your meat intake for health or philosophical reasons? There may be many meat alternatives in the market these days, but they’re not that easy to find at your favourite drinking holes.

Hometown brand TiNDLE, which makes a plant-based chicken alternative, wants to change that. To that end it has partnered a number of F&B establishments across Singapore to offer a special “TiNDLE Bar Bites & Booze” menu for the month of September.

Socially conscious eaters can look forward to fun meat-free TiNDLE bar bites that they can pair with their drinks at these participating venues this September:

  • ADDA
  • Harry’s (selected outlets)
  • Laut
  • Levant
  • Moonstone
  • Planty of Love
  • Senor Taco
  • The Peranakan
  • Three Buns
  • TXA Gastrobar

While they already have a number of plant-based burgers on their menu, burger bar Three Buns at Potato Head Singapore TiNDLE-based The Roots puts together a grilled TiNDLE patty with coleslaw, pickles, and smothered in hot sauce for a most wholesome bite. Pair that with Black Soil, a dark rum twist on the Espresso Martini, for a fun time.

TiNDLE bar bites - Three Buns
Three Buns at Potato Head Singapore’s The Roots will leave you craving for the next bite. Or a sip of the Black Soil cocktail.

Chef Manjunath at ADDA is offering Southern TiNDLE 65, a TiNDLE take on the classic Chicken 65, paired with a Pineapple Rumtini. Here TiNDLE morsels are marinated in freshly grated ginger and garlic, sliced red chillies, curry leaves and a secret blend of Indian spices then coated and deep fried to perfection. Then there’s mod-Asian gastrobar Laut, which combines its kicap manis-marinated TiNDLE Satay with its Lengkuas cocktail for a more local flavour.

Over at Mediterranean-themed rooftop cocktail bar Levant they are offering not just one TiNDLE bar bite but three. The TiNDLE Chicken Manakish is essentially Levantine pizza topped with TiNDLE chunks, the Spicy TiNDLE Chicken Sliders eschews your usual fried chicken patties for plant-based ones, while the TiNDLE Chicken Golden Goujons are perfectly fried batons. Wash these down with the Athena’s Song, a refreshing summery tipple with a taste of the Mediterranean.

“TiNDLE is all about a ridiculously good experience and with the recent lifting of dining restrictions, we felt that the time was right to get into a celebratory mood with the launch of TBB&B and TiNDLE Tunes,” says TiNDLE’s Chief Marketing Officer Jean Madden. “It’s been inspiring to see these amazing chefs and bartenders truly elevate the bar experience with their innovative TiNDLE dishes and drink pairings.”

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