The Food Japan 2021 virtual platform is free for trade visitors and available until 28 October 2021.

Food Japan is an annual F&B trade event that provides collaboration opportunities and knowledge exchange between exhibitors and trade visitors about Japanese ingredients, quality seasonal produce, unique prefecture specialties, as well as innovative technology and machinery.

This year, a focus is on plant-based alternatives. According to a 2020 consumer survey by Innova, customers are considering plant-based alternatives because of health, diet variety, sustainability, and taste. Food Japan has observed opportunities relating to regional consumer preferences and sustainability expectations are starting to gain attention. Food Japan 2021 ONLINE is currently showcasing several alternative meat-free, plant-based F&B products for establishments changing their menu to offer more meat alternative food.

Another focus is on prefecture highlights. The Hokuriku Food Festival by the Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture is promoting sake made by Gohyakumangoku that is prepared with Ishikawa prefecture yeast and Kanazawa yeast. The Yokohama Foreign Trade Association is presenting specialty products such as Kamakura Kotsubu (Natto), Matsumidori Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Barley Tea, and Yae Sakura Jelly, from Kanagawa prefecture.

Some of the interesting alcoholic beverages that are showcased in the marketplace include:

  • KEG DRAFT by H.I.S INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL PTE LTD: The Dutch made KEYKEG container is filled with unpasteurised sake and allows for enjoyment of the sake all year round.
  • Kumano whisky Mizunara by MK Trading: This is a Pure Malt whisky aged 3 years and finished in a MIZUNARA cask with additional 6 months of ageing.
  • Ryukyu 1429 Kaze 5 Years old Kusu Awamori by Awamori Business Partnership Secretariat: Kaze is a Awamori blend made with water sourced from the Ryuhi’s ancient fountain near Okinawa’s Shuri Castle. Kaze has been aged for five years, and is an ideal spirit base or inclusion for cocktails.

“It is my sincere hope that this event not only will serve to further enhance the economic ties between the businesses of Singapore and Japan, but also will spark interest in Japanese food and culture among many Singaporean consumers. This, in turn, hopefully will also lead to people wanting to travel to Japan when the border control measures are eased,” said His Excellency Jun Yamazaki, Ambassador of Japan to Singapore.

Access and registration

Registration is free for trade visitors at the Food Japan 2021 website.

Upon registration, trade visitors can access the platform, browse the marketplace, have Live Chats with exhibitors and suppliers and request for quotes.

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