Tourism Western Australia and Dream Cruises partner to bring a taste of Western Australia on board a cruise ship.

Feeling down because you’re not able to hop off on your annual holidays due to travel restrictions imposed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? We feel you. Tourism Western Australia feels you too, which is why they’ve just tied up with Dream Cruises to bring a taste of Western Australia on board one of the latter’s cruise ships.

As part of the Dream Cruises and Tourism Western Australia partnership, passengers can opt to stay in ten cabins set aside and converted to display imagery and artefacts showcasing different regions in Western Australia with familiar landmarks such as Blue Boat House, Busselton Jetty, Roebuck Bay, Pinnacles and Wildflowers at Canna Reserve.

You can get to savour Western Australia on the themed cruise as well. Swan Valley produce has been specially flown in by Destination Perth and the City of Swan for ‘Markets of the World’, an array of food stalls showcasing various international delights. Sample specialties from the likes of House of Honey, Morish nuts, Whistler chocolates and Mondo Nougat, which will delight the little ones.

Swan Valley is also known for its wines – in fact it’s the international wine region nearest to Singapore – and wine lovers will be delighted to find a swath of wines from the region available on the cruise. Swan Valley producers showcased include Upper Reach, Riverbank Estate, Sittella, Oakover, Faber Vineyard, Sandalford, Pinelli Estate, and Mandoon Estate.

Tourism Western Australia x Dream Cruises goody bag

“In the pre-Covid era, Singapore formed the second-largest inbound sources to Western Australia Due to its close proximity and time zone similarity, the State has always held a strong appeal for this market which revel in the food, wildlife/nature, aquatic/marine experiences and open spaces,” shared Ava Ang, Country Head for Tourism Western Australia, Singapore & Malaysia.

“With the anticipation of borders re-opening in the next few months, this partnership is our way of stimulating visitor interest to Western Australia. By bringing a sampling of the experiences onboard, we seek to inspire travellers to fly to Perth and enjoy all that the State has to offer,” Ang added.

The Western Australia-themed cabin package aboard Dream Cruises comes with a plush toy, dry bag, mobile ring grid, and a wine pairing menu for two at the Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill Restaurant by Mark Best.

The only problem with this themed cruise? It’s just going to make you miss Western Australia even more.

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