Looking to build your whisky collection with shrewd buys? The Whisky Store’s new membership programme Collectors Club offers rarities and more.

There’s strength in numbers, especially when trying to get our hands on whisky from distilleries that are extremely in demand. When it comes to bespoke special bottlings direct from the distillery, or highly prized casks in the hands of independent bottlers, it’s a tremendous advantage to be part of a group with considerable buying power or influence.

In a nutshell, that is pretty much what the Collectors Club is trying to achieve. Formally revamped back in August by the same people behind The Whisky Store, Quaich Bar and more recently, the new Signature Reserve at Fullerton Hotel, this membership programme is their endeavour to go beyond a mailing list to serve its customers. Until recently, the mailing list had been a simple, yet effective way to keep whisky fans in the loop on the latest releases from Quaich and The Whisky Store. But they realised that they could take it up a notch and deliver more value to its members.

Its about who you know

Collectors Club is still run by the same experienced hands who have been in the business of whisky since 2005. Therefore, you can still count their core expertise: a sound understanding of consumer demand here in Singapore and considerable industry knowledge about the intricacies of whisky production and business practices.

More than that, the bar has built up its relationships and networks over the years and that translates to an all-important ability: access to sources that matter. The Whisky Store has been in the business of functioning as a distributor for many distilleries and independent bottlers over the years, including cult names like Springbank and Cadenhead’s. Just these two alone – specifically the output that they release – will make it worth your while to be kept in the loop. And there’s more where that came from, of course.

Furthermore, The Whisky Store is not limited to the distilleries that they represent and have sold a diverse range of whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland – and beyond. They’ve bottled over 40 casks over the years, and this includes distilleries who seldom offer their casks to independent bottlers. This includes the likes of Ardbeg, Bowmore, Mannochmore and Braeval, just to name a few.

Bottled to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Quaich Bar, the Craigellachie fits the bill of the excellent everyday dram.

For The Whisky Store, memorable bottles are not strictly confined to highly collectable rarities. Their releases range from the simple everyday drink that is a Longrow 11YO or a Cadenhead Bowmore 12YO, to older rarities like a 20YO Glen Scotia and Tomintoul 40YO, to momentous bottlings like a 42YO Glenglassaugh selected under the stewardship of Billy Walker, or a Kilkerran 9YO celebrating then-Master Distiller Frank McHardy’s efforts in the construction and opening of the Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown in 2004.

Rarities Without the Hassle

Recently, they’ve collaborated with McHardy, who also was the former Master Distiller at Springbank Distillery, to select 12 casks especially for a unique collection for the Collectors Club. Needless to say, McHardy isn’t going to lend his name to a label unless he trusts you and the work that you do. And at the end of the day, that’s what you’re buying into with the Collectors Club, isn’t it? A reputation and a proven track record. Discounts count for nothing when there’s nothing worth buying.

Speaking of which, being able to buy direct also ensures that costs – and consequently, your spending – is kept reasonable because it can get really expensive on the open market, depending on the desirability of the bottle. In fact, this is one of the mantras of the Collectors Club: to create an environment and an ecosystem that helps its members build a collection – regardless of whether you are looking to collect or to drink – and keeping it relatively affordable.

Other than the time-consuming nature of self-sourcing whiskies at reasonable prices, there’s also the associated risks and hassle of dealing with shipping. Those who already have purchased bottles extensively will probably understand – broken bottles or damaged packaging is somewhat less painful if you’ve bought an affordable curiosity. Not so when it’s a desirable bottle. The advantage of having to get your bottles through an establishment like The Whisky Store is that they undertake most of the liability and inconveniences to ensure that the bottle reaches your hands in pristine condition.

You need serious clout to have a special distillery label bottling of a 40 YO whisky.

And because it’s too easy to buy whisky anywhere these days so long as you have the cash to splash, Collectors Club will offer its members exclusive bottlings not available through any other channel – the McHardy Collection, for example. Other perks include first dibs for other selected limited edition bottlings at special pre-release prices before they are made available for public sale.

A gateway that pays for itself

If the releases are up to scratch, the membership alone, which costs $100 per year, ultimately pays for itself very quickly. Even quicker, when you take advantage of the other benefits like discounts and promotions with partner bars/restaurants for whisky dinners and tastings.

Perks aside, let’s not forget what the club is about: a way to learn and share knowledge. Collectors Club will also arrange tastings with whisky makers so that members can get first-hand answers to their burning questions. And if you need advice and consultations on rare and limited casks or bottles? The hosts will be happy to oblige.

Ultimately, Collectors Club is a means for people with a common interest in whisky to gather and grow together as enthusiasts and collectors. There’s strength in numbers, and what better way is there to learn about new whiskies, especially those from distilleries that you hadn’t considered on your own?

Collectors Club sign up offer

Thinking of signing up for a Collectors Club membership? We have a tie-up with the Collectors Club that will definitely sweeten the deal if you act quickly. 

All you need to do is to go to the Signature Reserve website, click on the ‘Book Now’ button to make a reservation via WhatsApp or Email. Upon doing so, key in the code SpiritedSingapore before you confirm the booking. When you visit Signature Reserve, register for Collectors Club (with the first payment of $100 annual fee) onsite (or via the website) and you will receive a free tasting set and you will receive a free tasting set of the first three Frank McHardy releases. The offer is valid while stocks last, so don’t delay!

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