Pisco Nights 2021 puts Peru’s national spirit up front and centre this November with eight Singapore bars presenting exclusive pisco-based cocktails.

Peruvian pisco will be thrust into the cocktail spotlight this November as Pisco Nights returns for its second edition. Presented by PROMPERÚ, the export and tourism agency for Peru, Pisco Nights 2021 will see eight of Singapore’s best bars put their most creative spins on a pisco-based cocktail each.

Pisco, a brandy made from distilling wine, is integral to Peruvian culture and is increasingly becoming popular across the world especially as a spirit base for cocktails. The classic pisco sour, for example, is of Peruvian origin. Combining pisco, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white, the pisco-based sour has taken over much of the cocktail world by storm.

For Pisco Nights 2021, the eight participating bars – Bar Stories, Gibson, Hopscotch, Live Twice, Neon Pigeon, Nutmeg & Clove, The Elephant Room, and the newly-opened Stay Gold Flamingo – will introduce their version of a pisco-based alcoholic drink.

For example, Gibson will be presenting Early Punch, made with Pisco Italia, pickled pineapple juice, mirin, Peruvian bitters and topped off with Prosecco. Then there’s Heart of the Andes by Live Twice, made with Pisco Quebranta, passionfruit marigold and coffee liqueur, while Nutmeg & Clove’s Grapevine combines Pisco Quebranta and Cognac, along with bitters, Okinawan sugar and absinthe for a Pisco twist on the Sazerac.

Over at The Elephant Room there’s The Diplomatic; inspired by ceviche and chaat this tipple is made with Pisco Quebranta, Indian spiced wine, and topped off with a housemade ceviche soda. On the other hand Stay Gold Flamingo has created Dual Harvest Up, a wild twist on the pisco sour, made with Pisco Acholado, port wine, vermouth, and umeshu.

Pisco Nights 2021 will run from 1 to 30 November 2021, and serves as a kickoff event to the Singapore Cocktail Festival 2021 that will take from 12 November to 12 December.

“Singapore has one of the most innovative cocktail scenes in the region, so we are very excited to see what Pisco cocktails the bars will come up with this year,” said Erick Aponte, Trade Commissioner at PROMPERÚ for ASEAN and Hong Kong. “With travel restrictions having been in place for close to two years now, we hope this celebration of Peru’s national spirit can also provide travel-deprived city-dwellers an uplifting experience,” he added.

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