Singapore’s own Tiger Beer and Brass Lion Distillery has come together to release Crystal Roar, a special serve that combines Tiger Crystal and a sour plum calamansi liqueur.

Here’s a partnership we didn’t quite see coming. Local macro brewery Tiger Beer has partnered up with homegrown Brass Lion Distillery – makers of Brass Lion Gin – to introduce what they hope may just be a new drinking trend. It’s called the Crystal Roar, where you pour some of Brass Lion’s special edition Sour Plum Calamansi liqueur into a glass and then top it off with some ice-cold Tiger Crystal.

Of course, the idea of combining beer and a liqueur or spirit is not new. There’s what we call a boilermaker, which is essentially a beer cocktail that traditionally puts together beer and whiskey. The Koreans have their somaek, which mixes up beer and soju (it becomes a soju bomb if you drop a shot glass of soju into your beer).

But the Crystal Roar is entirely different, because its flavours are uniquely Singaporean. The Brass Lion Sour Plum Calamansi Liqueur tastes exactly as it sounds, and will remind you of a refreshing lime juice that’s been sweetened with sour plum. Or of sour plum vodka shots, if your nightlife habits veer towards that direction.

And then there’s Tiger Crystal, the crisp which is getting increasingly popular across our local drinking establishments.

“We pride ourselves on always being ahead of the curve to uncage new drinking occasions and novel experiences sought after by Millennial and Gen Z consumers. The partnership between Tiger and Brass Lion Distillery is such an instinctive one as we’re both fiercely local and no one knows Singapore flavours like we do. When Tiger meets Lion, we uncage a winning combination with Crystal Roar that is truly unique, distinctive, and made in Singapore, for Singapore,” said Yogender Sharma, Marketing Manager at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tiger and jumped at the chance to bring the best of local flavours together. When we first started Brass Lion Distillery, it was with the objective of creating a truly Singaporean spirit that we can proudly say was made in Singapore, by Singaporeans. Crystal Roar is an amalgamation of two iconic local brands that have the same purpose and goal in mind – to create drink experiences that celebrate local pride”, Jamie Koh, Founder of Brass Lion Distillery.

Will this be a new trend? It’s still too early to call, but we really do like this refreshingly citrusy, yet more punchy, combination.

If you’re keen to try, you can find Crystal Roar available in participating bars and restaurants, such as Bluemist, The Skewer Bar, and New Harbour Cafe & Bar. Consumers who visit any of the participating outlets will enjoy a complimentary bottle of Brass Lion Sour Plum Calamansi with every purchase of a bucket of Tiger Crystal, while stocks last.

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