French Fold Palais Renaissance is Merci Marcel’s latest expansion, bringing its vaunted crepes and galettes to Singapore’s prime Orchard Road shopping district.

There’s a new petite slice of France on Orchard Road – Merci Marcel Group has unveiled its second outlet of its crêperie concept French Fold in Palais Renaissance. Merci Marcel first launched the first French Fold on Telok Ayer Street in Singapore’s Central Business District in end-2020, but it was really just a matter of time before the crêperie joined its sister concept and flagship Merci Marcel eatery on Orchard Road.

French Fold Palais Renaissance, like the original outlet on Telok Ayer, is decked out as a whimsical contemporary space with touch of vintage cottage chic (including a beautiful beaded pearl curtain that gives the space a warm, welcoming look). It’s so cosy and quaint, I hasten to add, there were a couple of girls in matching frilly outfits doing an impromptu fashion shoot with their scary big-eyed Blythe dolls over at the next table.

French Fold No.10
No.10 is a galette stuffed with savoury smoked haddock that’s a taste of the north Atlantic.

More importantly for foodies though, French Fold Palais Renaissance offers a refreshed menu that not only serves up classic French galettes and crepes, but also those with uniquely fun flavours.

No.1 is the most classic buckwheat-based savoury galette that comes with just some excellent French butter, and really our favourite way to eat it. If you prefer something heartier, there’s No.2 with Comte cheese and a sunny side up egg enclosed within, or No.10, which sandwiches some smoked haddock, spinach and caramelised onions.

There are also more controversial flavours that may cause a Breton some consternation. No. 11 comes with a “yellow curry” and sautéed shrimps, while No.14 is an Indian inflection with tandoori chicken and pineapple. No.8 – with pancetta carbonara and egg – will horrify both Bretons and Romans (but, we suspect, would be a hit with many Singaporeans).

French Fold No.26
No.26 is a crepe filled with caramelised apple and drizzled with salted caramel, perfect if you love a sweet ending to your meal.

Then there are the sweet crepes. Just like the galette we very much preferred No.20, the most traditional approach with just sugar and salted butter. No.26, which tasted like an apple pie with its caramelised apple and salted caramel filling, will delight those with a sweet tooth, but can be too saccharine for others. No.27, topped with poached pear and Valrhona chocolate, is a good option too.

Make sure you put in an order for its Homemade Fries too. They come pipingly hot with fluffy soft insides and crispy outsides, just the way we like them.

French Fold Cider Sour
The Cider Sour at French Fold eschews the usual gin or whiskey in the classic sour for French cider, lowering its strength but keeping its refreshing flavours.

The drinks programme at French Fold Palais Renaissance is a fresh version of the one at Telok Ayer. There are some interesting cider-based cocktails here, such as the Cider Sour and Eurostar, both of which are refreshing and works well with your crepes. There are some very decent wine options available too, as can be expected from a Merci Marcel concept.

French Fold Palais Renaissance makes a great stopover between hectic shopping sprees to rest one’s feet, and I can totally see myself meeting up with like-minded girlfriends for a casual catchup session here as well.

But you may want to leave the Blythe dolls at home.

French Fold (Palais Renaissance)

Address 390 Orchard Road, #01-02, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11am to 10.30pm daily
Tel (65) 6908 3962
Facebook frenchfoldorchard
Instagram @thefrenchfold




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