Campari Group’s RARE Attico is an invite-only space in its APAC headquarters that houses its super-premium RARE Opulent collection.

The Campari Group, the world’s sixth largest spirits company, has unveiled RARE Attico, an intimate space housing a selection of ultra-premium products, in its Asia-Pacific headquarters. It will be home to its RARE Opulent collection, a curation of some of the most premium and rarest bottles from illustrious brands under the Campari Group portfolio, in a space with an amazing view of Singapore’s city skyline.

Located on the 28th floor of Gateway East, RARE Attico is a cosy corner in Campari’s office with 270-degree views of Singapore’s skyline. But chances are your sights will be fixed on the RARE Opulent collection instead. RARE Opulent puts together some of the most premium liquids produced by the Campari Group portfolio, featuring an ensemble of top-shelf brands across categories including Champagne, Cognac, rum, bourbon, single malt whisky, and even white spirits, all in the super-premium price tier ranging from over US$200 USD (approximately S$270) up to US$30,000 (more than S$41,000 SGD) and beyond for its highest expressions.

Campari APAC HQ Bar

Arranged prominently on shelves are rare bottles from Wild Turkey Bourbon, Biscuit & Dubouché Cognac, and even Champagne Lallier, for example. Then there’s the recently released Glen Grant Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition too, sitting on its own pedestal in a place of honour in the corner of the room.

“By launching this exclusive and intimate new space alongside the ultra-premium new RARE Opulent collection, we are pleased to have established a new opportunity for building stronger relationships and networks in the region. The RARE Attico houses the collection of the most exceptional liquids in our portfolio – a space designed to inspire conversations with clients, trade and partners,” shares Matteo Fantacchiotti, Campari Group’s Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Region.

“The dynamic luxurious venue with its unique collection is a true milestone and an exciting new chapter for us,” adds Fantacchiotti.

Thomas Mayr, Matteo Fantacchiotti - RARE Attico

With the launch of RARE Attico, the Italian alcoholic beverage giant joins the likes of Diageo and William Grant & Sons in opening an exclusive space for VIP customers. Diageo was the first when it opened Johnnie Walker House Singapore in 2016, while William Grant & Sons unveiled The Distillers Library in 2021 to entertain its private clients.

But if you’re looking to beat your way to the Campari Group APAC headquarters to ogle at those bottles, hold your horses. Like Diageo’s Johnnie Walker House and WGS’ The Distillers Library, Campari’s RARE Attico is an invite-only space. So unless you know someone who knows someone who knows someone in Campari Group, invites may not be so forthcoming.

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