The City of Fremantle builds on its ‘This Is Fremantle’ branding for a tourism marketing campaign that aims to draw international and interstate visitors back to the historic port city.

Fremantle, located just outside of Perth in Western Australia, has kicked off a new tourism marketing campaign to showcase the charms of the vibrant port city. Created and implemented by Fremantle-based creative agency &Partners and media agency Match & Wood, the new campaign builds on the city’s ‘This Is Fremantle’ slogan first unveiled in 2019.

Fremantle’s new tourism campaign – which features locals, visitors, and business owners – essentially explores what the eclectic maritime city means to them, and is designed to welcome back international and interstate visitors that have been in short supply during the height of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“If you ask ten different people what Fremantle is, you’ll get eleven different answers. We know. We tried,” shared &Partners Creative Director Dav Tabeshfar. “Then we spent many days sitting in cafes, arguing about the essence of Fremantle.”

“We realised the argument was the idea. Rather than compromise to make peace, we proposed Fremantle should embrace the diversity of opinion and air the friendly banter in public,” Tabeshfar explained.

The new ‘This is Fremantle’ campaign comprises two new videos, supported by photographs and editorial content, which will be distributed through YouTube, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, as well as sponsored articles on lifestyle websites, streaming services SBS on Demand and 10play, and digital billboards and display ads around Perth.

‘This Is Fremantle’ will also be promoted in Jetstar aircraft and included with Jetstar customer emails in partnership with Destination Perth.

The campaign will also spotlight the many new attractions that have opened over the past few years in the historic old town of Perth, adding to its burgeoning list of things to do. Among our favourite experiences in Fremantle? A brewery tour – and beers! – at the iconic Little Creatures brewery (pictured below), exploring the eerie insides of Fremantle Prison, or off to an outdoorsy adventure to Rottnest Island for selfies with its overly cute quokkas. It’s also home to one of our favourite restaurants in the whole of Perth, Bread In Common, which offers lovely wood-fired organic breads and a fantastic WA wine list; it’s always a stop for us whenever we swing by on our way to visit Margaret River wine country.

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle
Little Creatures Brewery is a veritable Fremantle institution, offering brewery tours but also fabulous dining options along with its range of beers brewed on site.

“Fremantle has always been a special place for entertaining guests, and there are now so many more reasons to make a return visit to our port city to rediscover old favourites and find new ones,” said City of Fremantle Acting Director of City Business, Matt Hammond.

To view the new campaign videos and find out more about everything there is to see and do in Fremantle go to

[Cover Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash]

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