Singapore’s first-ever Melbourne Brunch Festival kicks off this July with 11 participating restaurants offering limited-edition brunch menus.

Come this July, Singaporeans will get yet another reason to partake in one of their favourite meals of the day – brunch. Happening from 1 to 31 July will be the inaugural edition of the Melbourne Brunch Festival, where select restaurants across Singapore will be coming together to offer exclusive brunch menus to titillate our palates and sate our late morning hunger.

Not that we need any more encouragement to indulge in our most favourite weekend activity that combines breakfast and lunch in the most leisurely way possible. But this is a food festival of a different stripe. Presented by Global Victoria and Agriculture Victoria, the month-long Melbourne Brunch Festival will see those participating restaurants showcase the very best of produce from Australia’s state of Victoria.

And in case if you didn’t already know, Australia is de facto cafe capital and Melbourne is ground zero for brunchifying the rest of the world. Including Singapore.

There are two reasons for that. The first? Melbourne is home to possible the best coffee culture in the world. The other? The amazingly fresh produce its dining scene has access to thanks to top notch producers across Victoria. For example, did you know that Victoria is Australia’s top state in producing dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt? All of which, of course, are ingredients quintessential to a right proper brunch.

And we’ll get to taste some of that produce during Melbourne Brunch Festival.

Melbourne Brunch Festival - Cafe NatsuThe 11 participating restaurants for Melbourne Brunch Festival 2022:

    • Café Natsu
    • Club Street Wine Room
    • Meatsmith Little India
    • PUNCH
    • Symmetry
    • Terra Madre
    • Tess Bar & Kitchen
    • The Kongsee
    • The Marmalade Pantry
    • The Masons Table
    • Tolido’s Espresso Nook

For example, for Melbourne Brunch Festival Japanese-inspired brunch eatery Cafe Natsu will be using Victorian fruit during this period with their Cereal Crusted French Toast, as well as highly-lauded Blackmore beef for its Wagyu Burger. Over at Club Street Wine Room they have elevated brunch basics with their Club Street Sandwich using Bass Strait beef short ribs, and Victorian avocados in their Smashed Avocado Benedict.

Then you have mod-Sin gastrobar The Kongsee with their Lamb Rack Bun Cha, which employs Thomas Farms lamb Denver rib for the meatballs in the dish. Or how about the Avocado Toast from The Marmalade Pantry, which features Yarra Valley salmon roe and avocados from Hass?

And don’t forget the tipples. Yarra Valley is a key Australian winemaking region, so you’re going to find some wine representing during Melbourne Brunch Festival such as the Bass Philip Estate Chardonnay that will be available at Meatsmith Little India. Or how about cocktails? Tess Bar & Kitchen is offering the Four Pillars G&T, which uses the Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin from the Healesville, Victoria-based distillery, which The Kongsee will be using Victorian orchard fruit in its Apple, Orange, and Pear Martini.

Melbourne Brunch Festival - Tess Bar

“In Melbourne, brunch is a significant part of the social fabric — it is a chance for friends and family to come together and share conversation and enjoy delicious food and drink. We know that in Singapore, the culture of brunch has been embraced with open arms and is enjoyed as a social pastime, therefore we are excited that the Melbourne Brunch Festival will allow brunch-loving Singaporeans to indulge further in Victoria’s lush produce by way of delicious renditions and menus put together by 11 highly creative and exciting partner restaurants, says Rebecca Hall, Commissioner for Victoria to Southeast Asia.

The Melbourne Brunch Festival will be happening across 11 partner restaurants from 1 to 31 July 2022 in Singapore. Reservations can be made via

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