The Dictador x Orlinski 5 Decades Collection sees Dictador partner with contemporary French artist Richard Orlinski for a limited-edition rum collection.

In yet another example of the worlds of art and spirits colliding, premium Columbian rum brand Dictador Rum recently collaborated with Richard Orlinski for one of its rare arthouse collections – the Dictador x Orlinski 5 Decades Collectionm, an exciting set of rare rums that sees each spirit expression actually wholly encased within an artwork. Brought into Singapore by distributor Malt & Wine Asia, the collection was recently unveiled at 67 Pall Mall Singapore.

The Dictador x Orlinski 5 Decades Collection is a celebration of five decades in the life and work of contemporary French artist Richard Orlinski. For those not familiar with Orlinski, the French industrial sculptor – born in 1966 – is best known for his ‘monochromatic diamond-cut sculptures of wildlife and cultural icons‘ made using resin and aluminium. His works has lent him the title of the best selling French contemporary artist in the world.

For the collection, Dictador distillery master Hernan Parra personally selected and blended rums from family-owned Dictador’s prized 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006 vintages that comes from the family’s own private stock. What’s even more significant? Those barrels the liquid is sourced from will not be used in future commercially-available Dictador products, which means this collection is going to be rare indeed.

Dictador Orlinski 5 Decades colours

The Dictador x Orlinski 5 Decades comes as six differently blended expressions, each of which comes in their own colourway. There’s Platinum, Gold, Red, Blue, and Black, as well as Hand-painted. There are only 100 700ml bottles each of the coloured expressions available worldwide, and just 25 of Hand-painted.

“This ground breaking collaboration with one of the world’s most exciting and renowned contemporary artists is another big step for Dictador. The brand is the definitive investment grade rum and is certainly one of the world’s most dynamic and admired fine and rare spirits due to its outstanding record on innovation, superb quality, authentic stories and stunning aesthetic,” explained Dictador’s Creative Director, Ken Grier.

“This latest collaboration sees us operating at the pinnacle of the most desired, collectable and coolest spirits in the world with the launch of these beautifully crafted art pieces,” Grier added.

Orlinski declared that he is very happy to bring his creative vision to this collaboration. “It is, for me, the fusion between two universes and cultures as different, as complementary. I wanted to bring a creative notion to dress this collection of spirits so that it is unique. It’s a way of taking up a challenge; to bring art where we don’t expect it,” Orlinski shared.

For sales enquiries regarding the Dictador x Orlinski 5 Decades, contact Michelle Lu from Malt & Wine Asia at

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