Flor de Caña brings back Zero Waste Month, tying up with 13 participating Singapore bars to offer zero waste cocktails from 15 August to 15 September 2022.

Flor de Caña has brought back Zero Waste Month, now known as Zero Waste Cocktails. First introduced last year, Zero Waste Month was a global initiative by the Nicaraguan rum brand aimed at helping cut down on the waste generated by cocktail bars.

The idea was simple. Part of Flor de Caña’s broader sustainability program – they are the world’s only Carbon Neutral- and Fair Trade-certified spirit – Zero Waste Month encouraged cocktail bars to reduce food waste ‘one sustainable cocktail at a time’. Which, you’ll know if you’ve ever worked behind a bar, is significant. From citrus husks and fruit peels to spent spices and coffee, most of that waste go into landfills.

Last year’s inaugural Zero Waste Month was a success, surpassing its initial goal of reducing nine tons of food waste by reaching a total of 10.4 tons globally with the support of more than 400 bars and restaurants in 22 countries.

Zero Waste Cocktails - Low Tide Ripe and Appealing

This year Flor de Caña has again called on the global bartending community to turn those normally discarded ingredients into delicious cocktails with sustainability in mind. The aim for 2022? To reduce up to 15 tons of food waste globally this year.

In Singapore, 13 eco-minded local bars and restaurants have answered the call. They are:

    • Fat Prince
    • Lime House Carribean
    • Low Tide
    • MO Bar
    • Nighthawk
    • Nutmeg & Clove
    • Papa Doble
    • Patina
    • Set of Six
    • The Bar @ 15 Stamford
    • The Hidden Story
    • The Landing Point
    • Tippling Club

Limehouse Caribbean Yes We Caña

Each participating venue will be creating one cocktail made using the sustainably-produced rum along with ingredients derived from repurposed food scraps. Examples include Hello Cello from Nutmeg & Clove, a take on the traditional Italian Sgroppino employing a citrus sorbet made from leftover citrus husks, or Pop Didi Pop by Papa Doble, which uses a housemade coffee liqueur made from redistilling Flor de Caña 12YO rum with spent coffee and cacao nibs.

Then there’s Ripe and Appealing washed up by Low Tide. This is a twist on a Manhattan that replaces the usual vermouth with a housemade banana wine derived from over-ripened bananas.

The month-long campaign will conclude with a party on Sunday 4 September 2022 at Low Tide, where participating bartenders will showcase their creations for one final sip.

For more information on Zero Waste Cocktails 2022, visit www.zerowastecocktails.com for the full list of participating venues globally, videos of world-renowned bartenders sharing their original sustainable cocktail creations, practical tips to reduce food waste in daily life, and details on how bars and restaurants can join this cause.

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