Chivas unveils its first exclusive collaboration with K-pop sensation LISA with a limited-edition Chivas 18.

Here’s a collaboration whisky we saw coming from a mile away. Ever since blended Scotch whisky brand Chivas announced earlier this year that it has tapped K-pop sensation LISA for its ‘I Rise, We Rise’ marketing campaigns across Asia, a LISA-branded Chivas bottle was bound to turn up.

And now it has. In collaboration with the global sensation, Chivas has launched an exclusive LISA limited-edition Chivas 18.

Hoping that LISA Chivas 18 is an entirely new whisky blend? Prepare to be disappointed. It’s really just the regular Chivas 18, but skinned in a personalised LISA design that allows the Blackpink member’s creativity and personality to come through. You’re looking at enhanced bottle livery and packaging box exuberantly painted with splashes of bold blue and hot pink; and just in case it wasn’t clear enough that this was her design, there’s the star’s signature emblazoned in striking neon up front and centre.

But the real collectible value of the LISA Chivas 18 for blinks? The bottle also comes with a specially designed Luckenbooth charm, one that combines the iconic Chivas logo but also Lisa’s trademark five-pointed star, the same star she signs off as the ‘A’ in her name.

And to mark the ongoing collaboration, Chivas and LISA also designed a cocktail using Chivas 18. Called ‘Pink Spice’, the concoction combines Chivas 18, lemon tea, soda water, guava juice, and tabasco, and garnished with rosemary and chilli.

LISA Chivas 18 collaboration

“I had so much fun working with the team at Chivas on this limited edition bottle. The bottle is typical LISA – bright, bold, and unique – and I’m so excited for everyone to finally see it. It is amazing to now have my own bottle – and cocktail too,” LISA commented.

“As we continue to elevate Chivas for a new generation, it is important that we collaborate with people who represent this new generation of whisky drinkers. Our partnership with LISA resonates with people across several passion points – whether that’s fashion or music – and brings a convention-breaking, contemporary cool to the world of Scotch whisky,” said Chivas Global Marketing Director, Nick Blacknell.

“It was a natural next step in our collaboration with LISA to add her flair to one of our most prestigious blends, bringing to life the bold attitude that both Chivas and LISA share. With this limited edition launch, we are offering fans a taste of the creativity and innovation behind the partnership, and we look forward to seeing how people react to it,” Blacknell added.

Oh, and kids? This here is a whisky i.e. booze. So get your daddy to buy this for you to keep while you come of drinking age.

You can make your pre-order for the Chivas 18 x LISA limited edition drop here:

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