Italian Trade Agency’s Borsa Vini wine trade fair marked its return to Singapore with a 2022 edition that saw 30 Italian wineries participate.

Borsa Vini, Italian Trade Agency’s principal wine trade show in Singapore, returned this year after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. A total of 30 wineries from 10 winemaking regions across Italy took part in the trade fair on 24 November 2022, showcasing the breadth and depth of fine Italian winnemaking.

Singapore represents one of Italy’s most important wine markets in Asia. The world largest’s wine producer is the second largest wine exporter to Singapore after France among European Union countries. The Italian food and beverage sector is enjoying a steady double-digit growth in exports to Asian countries, with Singapore among them. Italy has seen its export value to Singapore increase by a massive 34.5% to 20.3 million euros, compared to 2020.

borsa vini 2022 - gianni tessari
Gianni Tessari’s representative showing off their Tai Rosso, a varietal also known as Grenache Noir in France and Garnacha in Spain.

“Italy is well known all around the world for its largest range of wine varieties across its 20 wine regions. Italy is the world’s biggest wine producer, and it is of great appeal for the Singaporean market. In 2021 the Italian market wine value stood at 14.2 billion euros,” remarked Mario Andrea Vattani, Italian Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei.

Participating Italian wineries ranged from mountainous winemaking regions in the far north such as Lombardia and Friuli Venezia Giulia all the way to those in the more coastal south such as Marche, Campania, and Sicilia. The largest delegation came from Toscana, with wineries such as Bartali, Fanti, Icario, Nardi and Scrafana among others present to showcase world-renown Tuscan wines such as Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino, as well as Super Tuscan varieties.

borsa vini 2022 - nardi
Tuscan wineries – such as Nardi Viticoltori – formed the largest delegation in Borsa Vini 2022, comprising 14 out of the 30 wineries present.

Attendees to the trade show included Singapore-based importers, retailers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs, but also some 10 wine importers from other ASEAN countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia that the Italian Trade Agency brought in.

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