Perfect Pairing by Martell sees the cognac maison partner with 11 different dining destinations for exclusive cognac-fuelled culinary experiences.

by Ben Chin

It’s been known for a while now that cognac is gastronomy’s capybara – gets along well with any cuisine; a dinner can only be improved by the company of a fine cognac. After all, it’s the spirit that celebrated French chef Guy Savoy thinks of as “one of the most beautiful eaux de vie in the world”.

With Perfect Pairing, Martell is keen to showcase cognac’s elegant complexity and versatility. The cognac maison has curated a number of exclusive dining experiences with 11 diverse dining partners, ranging from fine Shanghainese restaurant Yan’s Dining to steakhouse and cocktail bar The Feather Blade.

The 11 partner restaurants and bars for Perfect Pairing by Martell are:

    • Avenue 87
    • Corduroy Palace
    • Madame Fan
    • Table 65
    • Taste Paradise
    • Yan’s Dining
    • Good Graces
    • Chinoiserie
    • Mimi
    • Table at 7
    • The Feather Blade

Some of Singapore’s finest chefs have curated innovative menus designed to pair with the iconic Martell Cordon Bleu as well as other exquisite blends. Others, like Madame Fan’s Chef Pak, treats the cognac as a premium ingredient, infusing Martell Noblige in braised pumpkin rice, served with steamed Soon Hock, for an unexpected layer of flavour. With the caviar and Hokkaido scallop appetiser, Martell Cordon Bleu is introduced to its honey whole grain mustard dressing.

With Table At 7’s Milky Fish Broth, guests are encouraged to get a little more hands on. The dish of Japanese fish, lobster and fish noodles is accompanied by an exclusive gold Martell flask of Cordon Bleu, which can added to the soup as desired.

Perfect Pairing by Martell - Good Graces

For those after a more intimate experience, Chef Grace Kee of Good Graces hosts private dining experiences at her cosy pied-à-terre. Her traditional yet audacious take on Peranakan cuisine is the perfect setting for Martell’s different cognacs. Think the arresting Martell XO, which is paired to great effect with her rich, robust Beef Rendang, Sambal Belimbing with Prawns, and even the fiery Devil Curry. Curried banana fritters, for example, are not only served with a Martell VSOP yoghurt dip, but also paired with a Noblige & Coffee cocktail.

“Traditionally, my grandmother had always used brandy to exalt her soups and dishes. Since I’m a cognac lover, I would substitute brandy for cognac in my cooking as cognac is one the key components to build an arresting flavour profile,” explained Chef Grace. “Its sweet and spicy notes are subtle and complex — and what I like the most is how versatile the spirit is. You can pair it with both salty and sweet flavours or rich and spicy foods,” she added.

Diners are invited to embark on these Perfect Pairing by Martell culinary journeys – priced from $198 per person – from now till 18 December 2022. For booking information and more details on each dining partner and their curated menus, visit:


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