LOUIS XIII unveils THE DROP, a luxurious collection of tiny wearable cognac bottles where cognac meets fashion.

It was bound to happen, but we didn’t quite figure LOUIS XIII to be the cognac brand to be doing it. The prestigious cognac maker has unveiled THE DROP, a luxurious fashion collection of five tiny 1cl bottles of its cognac meant to be worn more than they are for drinking.

You read that right. 1cl. 10ml. Possibly the tiniest cognac decanters, ever.

In fact, each bottle of LOUIS XIII THE DROP looks like a sample bottle of eu de parfum more than anything. They even come with optional accessories – such as a leather holster and lanyard – that allows you to convert the bottle into a fashion statement. Because apparently wearing a bottle of cognac symbolises good (fashion) taste these days.


Available individually or as a box of five, each LOUIS XIII THE DROP expression is supposed to reflect a different mood or mindset. There’s ‘Loud’, ‘Glow’, ‘Bold’, ‘Smooth’ and ‘Bright’. What each actually represent though is up for individual interpretation, and whatever resonates these days with the younger, more nomadic fashion set.

For those of us who cling on to heritage? You’ll be glad to know each THE DROP bottle contains the very essence of what makes LOUIS XIII great. The blend offers exactly the same unique aromatic and flavour profiles as the first release of LOUIS XIII Cognac released all those years ago in 1874, recreated using a blend of different eaux-de-vie made using grapes grown and harvested in Grande Champagne terroir before being set aside to age in casks in the cellars.

“We are proud to be bringing this visionary product to Singapore,” said Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO Maison Rémy Martin. “LOUIS XIII is avant-garde in addressing a new generation with the launch of THE DROP, the first nomadic accessory that you can take with you wherever and whenever you want.”

LOUIS XIII THE DROP - Design Orchard

To celebrate the launch of LOUIS XIII THE DROP, the cognac brand is presenting its first-ever immersive retail experience in Southeast Asia at Design Orchard, right in the heart of Singapore’s premier Orchard Road fashion and shopping district.

Here guests can immerse themselves into the LOUIS XIII THE DROP universe with interactive augmented reality experiences and crafting stations featuring engraving and leather embossing services, and also find the full Louis XIII range will be available for purchase, from the 70 cl Decanter to the very rare 6 L Mathusalem, as well as THE DROP collection.

The LOUIS XIII Design Orchard pop-up runs from Saturday 3 December 2022 to Sunday 1 January 2023. THE DROP collection is available for purchase at the price of S$288 for 1cl, or S$1,440 for an exclusive pack of five bottles. Visitors can also enjoy an exclusive LOUIS XIII tasting experience at the pop-up at S$238 for 1cl and S$476 for 2cl.

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