Celebrate this festive season with limited-time specialty Maker’s Mark Christmas cocktails at seven different venues across Singapore. 

Kentucky bourbon brand Maker’s Mark loves the festive season. As we all do! For many years come the year-end holiday season it’ll partner different bars and restaurants around town for festive promotions, and this year is no different. For 2022, it has tied up with seven venues across Singapore to offer a range of Maker’s Mark Christmas cocktails to put us all in the right holiday spirit.

Participating bars and restaurants offering Maker’s Mark Christmas cocktails this year are:

    • Jigger & Pony (available 6 to 25 December)
    • Caffe Fernet (available now to 25 December)
    • LeVeL33 (available now to 31 December)
    • Barossa (available now to 30 December)
    • Dopo Teatro (available now to 30 December)
    • The Feather Blade (available now to 31 December)
    • VIBE Bistro (available now to 31 December)

Maker's Mark Christmas cocktails 2022 - Caffe Fernet

For example, award-winning cocktail bar Jigger & Pony is offering Tom & Jerry, a traditional Christmas time warm cocktail much like an eggnog, Buttered Beer, a gingerbread flavoured whiskey highball, as well as Santa’s Old Fashioned, a festive take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail with notes of spiced vanilla, fig and cinnamon.

Over at Marina waterfront Italian bistro Caffe Fernet there’s Little Helper, a wintry concoction with hints of chocolate and mint, while the Hazelnut Manhattan is a sweet, nutty twist on the classic. Then there’s Eggnog Budino, an Italian play on the eggnog with nutmeg and butterscotch, garnished with crumbled Amaretti on top.

Or how about urban rooftop brewery LeVeL33? Imbibe in the Chocolate Marktini if you’re a fan of chocolate, or choose to sip on Two Turtledoves with its Christmas tree inspired flavours of rosemary, cinnamon, and pear.

Maker's Mark Christmas cocktails 2022 - Dopo Teatro

Other Maker’s Mark Christmas cocktails of note? We also like Merry from The Feather Blade, a creamy cocktail that sounds like it tastes of Christmas cookies, as well as VIBE Bistro’s Winter Sangria, which replaces the usual brandy in a sangria with Maker’s Mark for a totally different, wintry dimension.

There’s nothing quite like a whiskey-laced cocktail to set you in the right mood for the festive season, so head on down now to these venues and usher in the Christmas like you mean it.

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