Royal Salute officially debuts its Cask Programme, offering whisky collectors a chance to purchase their own cask of regal blended Scotch whisky.

Serious collectors of whisky now have a new avenue to get their hands on some precious rare Scotch whisky. And not just any Scotch whisky. Luxury blended Scotch whisky brand Royal Salute has announced its first-ever cask programme, opening up its esteemed vault at the historic Strathisla distillery and offering aficionados the opportunity to purchase whole casks from it.

But there’s a catch. There’s ever only 21 of those prized casks on offer in the Royal Salute cask programme at any one time.

Royal Salute Strathisla Vault

A 21-Cask Salute

Why just 21? Well, the number comes from the ceremonial 21 Gun Salute fired at the Tower of London during royal celebrations for which Royal Salute itself is named.

Each of these 21 casks started life like the signature Royal Salute 21 Years Old. Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, with access to Pernod Ricard’s vast inventory of whisky stock ageing in the Strathisla vault, would have meticulously selected some of these rare single malt and grain whiskies that have been aged to a minimum of 21 years and blended them to the Royal Salute house style. But he may also opt to have some of his masterful blends to undergo cask finishing, a process where the whisky is further matured in a totally different cask to further develop their flavours.

Most of these cask-finished whiskies would go on to become exclusive, limited-edition Royal Salute expressions. But now some of these special casks are made available through the Royal Salute cask programme.

Among the initial batch of casks made available in the programme, for example, is one that’s been cask finished for three years in a rare first-fill vintage port cask, the first time Royal Salute has ever released a vintage port cask finished liquid. Another features a more unusual peated blend – comprising whiskies from the lost distillery of Imperial, Caperdonich, and Dumbarton, among others – that’s been further matured for roughly two years in a first-fill Pedro Ximénez sherry hogshead, acquiring from it a strong jammy fruit and treacle character.

Then there is one particularly experimental cask, offering the rare blended malt aged in a 100% virgin oak cask that’s been put together with staves from three different kinds of oak – American, Spanish, and French – for three years.

Royal Salute Cask Programme samples

Upon purchase, Royal Salute will bottle the cask, with the final number of bottles depending on the cask’s yield. Bottles can be personalised as well, with buyers able to select from various customisation options – name, background pattern, bottle colour, and embellishments, among others – for both bottle and box.

Royal Salute intends to always have 21 casks available for purchase, with new casks released annually as carefully curated by Master Blender Sandy Hyslop.

In the market for an entire cask of exceptionally-aged Scotch whisky? Check out Royal Salute cask programme. Interested parties can contact their direct Pernod Ricard representatives, or email

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