The Grocer Bar tucked within newly-opened FairPrice Finest in The Woodleigh Mall is a little drinking haven that offers exclusive cocktails, wines, and access to a wide variety of food from its various retail sections.

I wish there was a FairPrice Finest in my neighbourhood like the one in The Woodleigh Mall. Located in the newly-opened mall in Singapore’s highly-desirable new Bidadari housing estate, that particular outlet – the FairPrice Group’s 35th Finest store – is the kind of supermarket you’ll wish you had within stone’s throw.

And not just because it’s home to an amazing selection of fresh produce such as vegetables, meat, and seafood, as well as a wide range gourmet and specialty products to meet any of your grocery needs. Or the fact it’s a 24-hour supermarket so you can always make that emergency grocery run.

But because tucked within its cavernous space hides a tiny little bar that – particularly if you’re a wine enthusiast – you’re going to love.

The Grocer Bar exclusive cocktails
Head to The Grocer Bar at FairPrice Finest in The Woodleigh Mall for some exclusive cocktails.

The Grocer Bar is part of a sprawling integrated food hall, located with other sections offering various convenient ready-to-eat or pick-and-go items. It is really just a tiny bar counter, but it offers a couple of cocktails, local craft beers on tap, or a selection of house wines for you to chill out over in the midst of your grocery shopping.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Grocer Bar also allows you to pick any bottle from the nearby wine chillers of the FairPrice Finest store to consume at the bar at a very modest corkage fee of S$8, which means you can get to enjoy a wide selection of wines at what is pretty much retail price.

The Grocer Kitchen at The Woodleigh Mall
The Grocer Kitchen at The Woodleigh Mall FairPrice Finest outlet lets you pick from a selection of seafood and have it grilled on site.

Even better, you’re able to avail yourself to the various stalls within the integrated food hall. How about a dozen oysters or sushi from its seafood section? Grilled salmon from their pick-and-cook grilling station? Cheese platters from the nearby deli? Some lovely baked pastries from artisanal natural bakers The Bakehaus? Or even Cantonese roast meats to pair with your favourite white or red wine, or even FairPrice’s exclusive Tsarine Champagne label? Yes, you can.

Don’t you wish a similar FairPrice Finest pops up in your neighbourhood too?

The FairPrice Finest at The Woodleigh Mall is located at 11 Bidadari Park Drive, B1-32/33 The Woodleigh, Singapore 367803.

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