JIU Asia 2023, which will take place 25-27 May this year, is Singapore’s newest expo targeted at spirits enthusiasts and collectors.

JIU Asia, which will take place from 25-27 May 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, is the latest spirits-focused exhibition to join Singapore’s burgeoning festival calendar. Organised by The Activation Group, Restaurant Association of Singapore, and Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd, JIU Asia looks set to bring together Singapore’s spirits community to regale over a wide range of spirits.

Not another drinks festival, you say? Unlike most existing whisky-focused events, JIU Asia 2023 has a decidedly Oriental twist to it. That’s right, the debut edition of JIU Asia has pulled together a wide range of exhibitors that puts the spotlight on China’s best-known liquor – baijiu. One of the more unique features of the event is its Chinese Baijiu Cultural Exchange, an area where attendees can explore the world of Chinese baijiu, its thousand-year history, savour different baijiu variants, and learn why it is now one of the world’s most popular spirits. Baijiu brands on showcase include big names like Moutai, Wuliangye, and Luzhou Laojiao, but also a bevy of lesser-known ones.

Aside from baijiu, attendees can expect to find a good range of whiskies, gins, rums, and other distilled alcohol beverages from across the world, many of which are of the craft and artisanal variety. Expect to find, for example, Japanese gins such as Shizuoka and Okinawa, or exclusive whiskies from Singapore-based independent bottlers such as Interco MLE and The Single Cask.

There’s also Singapore’s own Compendium Spirits, which will be presenting their uniquely local take on spirits.

Compendium Spirits Simon Zhao tasting
Sample unique spirits from Singapore’s own Compendium Spirits at JIU Asia 2023.

There’s plenty for wine lovers as well. China is the world’s biggest producer of wine, and the coming exhibition will see the likes of Shanxi’s Grace Vineyard, Xinjiang’s Tiansai Vineyards, Changyu from Shandong, Ningxia’s Helan Qingxue and Silver Heights, showcase their unique wines.

Aside from the exhibition, spirits aficionados can take part guided tasting sessions conducted by a panel of industry experts, learn more about investing in spirits, as well as participate in a hybrid auction hosted by Asia’s premier professional online auction platform, Liquid Gold Auctioneer.

“We are thrilled to bring JIU Asia 2023 to Singapore,” said Jacelyn Lee, Managing Director of The Activation Group. “This event is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals and spirits enthusiasts to come together, discover new, underrated and exciting variants, vintages and collections of spirits, and enjoy an experiential journey.”

Tickets for JIU Asia 2023 are now available for purchase at https://jiuasia.com/tickets/.

Disclosure: Spirited Singapore is an official media partner for JIU Asia 2023.

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