Sake Social, which takes place on 1 and 2 July 2023, is a new sake fiesta targeted at serious sake enthusiasts looking to explore more uncommon variants of sake.

Sake lovers, take note. There’s a new sake event in town. Sake Social, organised by the people behind popular sake festival Sake Matsuri Singapore, will take place on 1 and 2 July 2023 at a warehouse space in Henderson Road that will bring some of the best Singapore-based sake sommeliers together to share their expertise with sake enthusiasts.

What’s going to be different about Sake Social compared to your usual sake events? The organisers intend to introduce sake enthusiasts to a whole different world of sake, moving beyond the common Junmai and ever-popular Junmai daiginjo to showcase more uncommon variants ranging from unpasteurised (namazake) and unfiltered (muroka) sake to natural (shizenshu) and aged sake (koshu).

Sake Social will offer close to 100 labels of sake in those categories, allowing serious sake fans who are looking to expand their knowledge and appreciation of sake to surprise their own palates. Looking to sample the rustic and completely unfiltered doburoku sake? Or how about jukusei koshu sake that’s been aged more than three years that can come in a funky yellow or brown hue?

Split over two days, the first day of Sake Social will focus on aged and new sake while the second day lets enthusiasts explore raw and unfiltered sake. Guiding the Sake Social tastings will be a bevy of local and regional sake experts such as Adrian Goh of Inter Rice Asia, Olivia Chey and Cedric Tan from Kurara, Saketen’s Julian Goh, and Sake Samurai Elliot Faber, the founding Beverage Director of Yardbird HongKong and Ronin.

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“Singapore ranks among the top five export markets of sake in Asia, so there is clearly a strong demand for the beverage here, though sake drinkers are mostly acquainted with a limited range of premium sake. Sake Social will add to that by shining a spotlight on the diversity of sake, introducing more esoteric styles for Singapore’s sophisticated consumers,” said Kevin Ngan, founder of Sake Social and Sake Matsuri Singapore, the largest independent craft sake festival in Singapore.

Tickets for Sake Social are priced at S$128 per person, inclusive of 3 hours of sake tasting and includes a limited edition merchandise pack. Only 100 tickets are available per session, which can be purchased from Use the promo code SPIRITEDVIP to discounted rates for S$108/session or S$199 for both sessions.

[Image by takedahrs from Pixabay]

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