Progressive Provence rosé producer Château d’Esclans has dropped the latest vintage of its flagship wine, the Whispering Angel 2022.

Nothing quite portrays idyllic French Riviera flair like a glass of Provence rosé. And no one has made drinking rosé sexier than Château d’Esclans.

I encountered Whispering Angel, Château d’Esclans’ flagship rosé, for the first time over five years ago and instantly fell in love with its combination of bracing minerality, delicate fruitiness, and refreshing crispness. The last quality, in particular, because drinking an ice-cold glass of pink-hued wine outdoors in Singapore’s stifling heat and humidity helped shatter many of the preconceptions I had about rosé and wine drinking in general.

For those still not clued into the wonders of rosé, this class of wine has in the last two decades taken the world by storm (even if it barely makes a dent in Singapore’s wine scene). Part of that soaring worldwide popularity can be attributed to Château d’Esclans, whose owner Sacha Lichine made it his life’s work to put a bottle of Whispering Angel on every table – and in the hands of beautiful people – in fancy restaurants across the French Riviera, Miami, or anywhere with impressive beach fronts.

Whispering Angel 2022

It helps, of course, that the wine is top-notch. Or at least, a great representation of a classic Provence rosé. The latest release, the Whispering Angel 2022, like the vintages before it, draws grapes from prime plots in the region of La Motte en Provence (that’s in the Var department, so it classifies as a Côtes de Provence). Vinified from the classic Provencal rosé grape trinity of Grenache, Cinsault, and Rolle, the blush wine offers shy notes of red flowers and fresh citrus on the nose, while a flush of red berries and ripe currants intertwine with lime and grapefruit to envelop the palate, before receding to a dry, crisp, and mineral finish. Zingy acidity follows from start to finish; like a sensual kiss, it leaves you longing for another reach.

“Amidst decades of being quietly enjoyed in comparison to its counterparts, rosé wines are now basking in a remarkable resurgence, fueled by a global wave of renewed consumer interest. At the forefront of this movement, visionaries like Château d’Esclans have ignited the spark,” shares Benjamin Smadja, the Asia-Pacific brand ambassador of Château d’Esclans. “As we stand at this juncture, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to unveil our latest triumph to the discerning palates of Singapore. This thriving market has witnessed an ever-expanding community of rosé wine enthusiasts, poised to embrace the distinctive charm of our newest creation, the Whispering Angel 2022 vintage.”

“Anticipation mounts as we prepare to unleash the full potential of rosé wine, poised to claim its place as the preferred choice for men and women alike — a timeless delight for enjoyment in Singapore all year around,” Smadja added.

Will Singapore finally enter a love affair with rosé? Only time will tell.

The Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel 2022 is available at a recommended retail price of S$90 from leading specialist wine stores and e-commerce sites, as well as various bars and hotels in Singapore such as Skai Bar, W Hotel, Lady Wu and Panamericana.

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