Renowned Islay distillery Bowmore reveals its 2023 portfolio of ultra-rare aged whiskies that will be made available in Singapore in 2024.

Here’s one for the Bowmore collectors. Actually, more like five. The well-loved Islay distillery – one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland – has announced a range of rare old whiskies that will hit the Singapore market in the coming year.

How old is old, you ask.

The oldest of the lot is the Bowmore Timeless 1969. This means it contains spirit distilled in the 1960s, which for the whisky aficionados among us, is considered Holy Grail (that was the golden era of Scotch whisky distillation, and an even more incredible one for Bowmore).

Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3, Aged 22 Years

Not so far behind are the Bowmore 40-Year-Old, Bowmore 30-Year-Old, and the Bowmore Timeless Aged 29 Years. Bringing up the rear as the youngest is the Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3 Aged 22 Years, which joins the range made in collaboration with the esteemed car released in 2022.

Bowmore whiskies are particularly prized for its distinctive balanced and elegant house style that lends particularly well to long aging. The Beam Suntory-owned distillery retains many traditional whisky making techniques and methods, including being one of the very few Scottish distilleries still to employ on-site floor malting (although it’s not quite enough for their production needs). You’ll often find Bowmore aged whiskies expressing rich tropical fruit and citrus notes swirled in harmony with rather restrained smoke and peat undertones, rather unlike the peat bombs that some of its other Islay counterparts can produce.

“Bowmore’s precise approach has created exceptionally expressive aged and rare launches that credit to the Bowmore portfolio and continue to drive our desire to produce highly coveted products. This complex house style ages like no other – the lengthy maturation process shapes and influences the exuberant, unique character of each whisky that remains undeniably Bowmore,” declares Daryl Haldane, Private Client Director of Beam Suntory International.

Bowmore 40-Year-Old

The 2023 editions of Bowmore Timeless Aged 29 Years, Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3 Aged 22 Years, Bowmore 30-Year-Old, Bowmore 40-Year-Old, and Bowmore Timeless 1969 will be available for sale in 2024. Prices TBA.

Official Tasting Notes

Bowmore Timeless 1969

Colour Burnished chestnut
Nose Freesia, geraniums and lilies. Chablis, citrus fruit and gooseberries with sweet acacia honey, apple pie, vanilla and cream
Palate Carnations, with sweet lemon meringue, grilled almonds, and crème caramel fudge. Hints of white pepper, nutmeg, and coconut
Finish Subtle sweetness and warmth to begin, with gentle floral notes and malt to follow

Bowmore Aged 40 Years

Colour Deep mahogany
Nose Juicy papaya and passion fruit, rich cocoa and butterscotch
Palate Decadent cocoa, tobacco leaves, walnut cake and butterscotch, with subtle peat smoke.
Finish A lengthy and tantalising journey culminating in intense richness

Bowmore 30-Year-Old

Bowmore Aged 30 Years

Colour Burnished gold
Nose Ripe papaya, caramelised mango, and molasses
Palate A bounty of tropical fruits with drizzling honey and warm Islay peat smoke
Finish Deeply enthralling with lingering tropical fruits

Bowmore Timeless Aged 29 Years

Colour Old oak
Nose Sherry-soaked raisins, cocoa, orange marmalade and Christmas spices. Cherry blossom, maraschino cherries and liquorice
Palate Warm pear and fruitcake. Cocoa with a sprinkling of sea salt
Finish Warming and enduring with dry peatiness and sea saltiness on the lips

Bowmore Timeless 29-Year-Old

Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3 Aged 22 Years

Colour Russet
Nose Rich and sweet, with initial notes of lemon peel, poached peaches and vanilla giving way to indulgent tones of treacle, salted toffee, antique oak, roasted chestnuts and soft leather
Palate Rich and intense. Sherried, complex and nutty in character, with hints of cocoa beans intermingled with sun dried raisins, Muscovado sugar, red berries and an elegant layer of peat smoke.
Finish Long and sweet with lingering oak spices and sea salt

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