What would you do if you were a rum brand and you reach a grand old age of 311? Why, launch a new marque to celebrate, of course! At least that’s what the well-established Mount Gay Rum just did with its Mount Gay Black Barrel edition in Singapore to commemorate that milestone.

Barbados-based Mount Gay’s new Black Barrel is the latest addition to its rum portfolio, and is so named for a refinement process that sees double pot distillation followed by a second maturation in heavily charred ex-bourbon oak barrels. In fact, Mount Gay takes those already charred barrels from American bourbon producers and char them again – to 6mm deep – in order to add a new layer of complexity to the liquid.  The small batch Black Barrel, which is made with matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates, features notes of pepper, spice and wood, with a blend of oaky vanilla, sweet caramel and surprising fruit on the nose.

Miguel Smith

Mount Gay’s international brand ambassador Miguel Smith (above), who was in Singapore to help launch the Black Barrel, believes that it’s an exciting time for rum now in this market. “The appreciation and demand for rum is still fairly new as compared to other brown spirits here in Singapore. Smooth enough to sip yet very cocktail friendly, I hope Black Barrel’s distinct yet versatile smokiness will inspire a new slew of local concoctions, and appeal to audiences with classical yet adventurous palates.”

“My hopes are that Black Barrel will both inspire and be a larger part of the ingenious and busy cocktail scene here in Singapore,” says the true blue Bajan, although he add that Black Barrel makes a good sipping rum as well.

To date Black Barrel’s accolades include being one of the Top 10 Best Spirits Innovations 2013 by Wine & Spirits Magazine, obtaining a grade of 94 in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, awarded Gold in San Francisco Spirits Competition 2013 and Gold in Rum Masters and Spirits Business Awards in March 2014.

The bottle for Mount Gay’s Black Barrel sees a slight departure from its other siblings, with a long neck that drops into a flask shaped bottle. Its clear glass bottle shows off the spirit’s colour, and showcases the spirit’s brilliant amber hue that comes from sufficient time aging in barrels.

Mount Gay Black Barrel is now available in Singapore at discerning bars, including Ah Sam’s Cold Drink Stall, Cut, Gem Bar, Jigger & Pony, Bitters and Love, Scarlet Hotel, and Cuba Libre, among others.

Mount Gay Black Barrel

Tasting Notes (Official): Mount Gay Black Barrel

Nose Complex notes of spice, roasted wood, followed by fruit.

Taste Bold spice balanced with oaky vanilla and sweet caramel.

Body Warm, medium body with a bright finish.

Maker: Mount Gay Distilleries (Rémy Cointreau)
Spirit: Rum, aged in charred ex-bourbon oak barrels
ABV: 43%
Volume: 700ml



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