Here’s a set of beer taps that will drive any beer drinker into annoyance – ones that may not actually dispense beer. Instead the Hangovers custom coat rack is simply that, a coat rack that are made with three fully-functional tap faucets used to hold up your coats and hats off the floor.

Right now on Kickstarter, the Hangovers coat rack would make a cool gift for any beer connoisseur – a perfect fit for a man cave, for example, or even to kit out a craft beer bar. Interchangeable tap handles means one can have real fun swopping cool brewery tap handles for even more visual impact.

The folks behind Seattle-based Good Hangovers Inc is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise sufficient funds – US$50,000 – to allow them to create the first line of inventory, as well as hire their first employees to help bring the product to fruition.

“The faucets on the coat rack are actually fully functional,” says CEO and founder of Good Hangovers Inc, Derrick Peters, whom we ran into at Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon earlier this month. “With the right setup you can actually dispense beer out of them,” he adds. Probably not a good idea if there are coats over them, of course.

The Hangovers campaign on Kickstarter ends 28 May.


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