Rémy Martin launches the Matt W. Moore VSOP Limited Edition, a collaborative expression that taps on the digital artist’s geometric and colourful style.

You’d think that a cognac brand would purely be focused on heritage and tradition, and in most cases you’d be right. But Rémy Martin isn’t quite just any cognac brand, and for its latest collaboration it has collaborated with Matt W. Moore, a digital visual artist known for his signature “vectorfunk” style of illustration.

Matt W. Moore’s modern riot of colour and patterns – for a brand that has been around for almost three centuries, at least – are now shockingly splashed across the box and bottle for this special limited edition that frankly looks and feels nothing like the usual Rémy Martin’s branding even as it does in some way preserve the house’s traditional red, maroon, black and gold livery. Even the iconic centaur logo gets a geometric makeover. It’s certainly more avant-agarde than even Rémy Martin’s special bottles for Cannes.

“My first goal was to design all of the different existing elements: the grapes, vines, leaves, sunbursts, custom typography for VSOP, and the overall flow of the compositions,” explores Matt W. Moore. “Once we established a healthy library of illustrated assets, the next step was to compose them in clever ways for each of the different applications – gift box, bottle label and beyond,” he adds.

For those who deign such visual changes to be mere gimmickry, Moore’s patterns for Rémy Martin extends beyond use on bottle label and gift box; it’s been used in out-of-home marketing (on a basketball court, no less) as well as in digital marketing with an augmented reality app.

What’s within the bottle, though, retains all the tradition and heritage the cognac maison has to offer, and what fans of Rémy Martin have come to know and love.

Rémy Martin x Matt W. Moore VSOP Limited Edition is exclusively available at AsherBWS for S$86 (giftbox version) and S$106 (coffret version).


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