Anti:Dote head craftsman Bannie Kang has emerged the ultimate winner of Black Cow Gold Top Cup 2018, beating out regional winners from the UK, Canada, and Hong Kong.

This year’s Black Cow Gold Top Cup involved a national final round that required competing bartenders to create a cocktail made from by-products of a dish – echoing the essence of Black Cow vodka itself, which is made from distilling whey (a waste by-product of the cheesemaking process) – with a mind towards sustainability while encouraging creativity.

During the Singapore finals last month, “waste” ingredients such as watermelon rind, wagyu beef fat and apple peelings were just some of the unusual ingredients used in competition entries. Kang’s cocktail, The Thinker – comprising of Black Cow vodka, banana syrup and Palo Cortado sherry – helped the head craftsman of Fairmont Singapore hotel bar Anti:Dote beat out nine other country finalists to win the chance to represent Singapore in the global finals.

She then proceeded to win the global finals in a field of eight regional finalists using that very same drink inspired by the fermentation process and created using leftovers from a banana soufflé.

Bannie Kang also previously represented Singapore during the Bacardi Legacy 2016 global finals in San Francisco.

[Image credit: Black Cow Vodka]



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