Casual cocktail bar IB HQ launches not one, but two, seasonal cocktail menus to celebrate the Chinese New Year season.

We love the festivities that surround Lunar New Year (and also because of the slew of CNY-related booze). But some take it more seriously than others. Like IB HQ.

The cocktail bar has introduced two separate menus for this festive season, both somewhat different in focus and format. There’s its seasonal Chinese New Year menu, laid out in a whimsical Gaggan-esque format with icons instead of actual drink descriptions. Each icon symbolises an important ingredient in Chinese culture, cooking or history. Other than that one ingredient, each icon says nothing about what else goes into that drink nor its style.

That said, if you like surprises what we got were wonderful. Chrysanthemum is a different floral take on its regular Osmanthus Gimlet, while Watermelon is a whisky sour that uses watermelon-infused whisky. (Technically that’s not accurate – the latter is actually Balvenie 12YO whisky redistilled in a rotary evaporator with chunks of watermelon.)

IB HQ CNY watermelon whisky sour

Rolling in the pineapple.

Then there’s Flight 774, a list of four cocktails – five if you include a special of the day – that celebrates the pineapple. In Chinese culture, the pineapple symbolises wealth, prosperity and fortune. For IB HQ, the pineapple represents flavour, and Flight 774 sees the fruit employed in different ways to exploit its flavour.

The iconic Pi Pa cocktail from IB HQ’s original menu since launch is in here, of course. Yes, the one that uncannily combines parsnip-infused vodka and pineapple caramel into one drink. But the new Nanas Collins is where it’s at; you’ll be surprised how well cardamom works with pineapple-infused gin.

“Our ethos has been, and will always be, the same – passion for flavours, and respect for cultures,” says Kamil Foltan, Operation and Creative Director of IB HQ. “CNY is one of the biggest cultural festivals on the planet and we want to showcase the amazing ingredients that make this celebration possible,” he adds.

IB HQ’s seasonal CNY menu will be available from 29 January 2019 to end February. The pineapple-focused Flight 774A will be available till end March.


Address 774A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198742 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 5pm to 12 min Tuesdays to Saturdays; closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tel (65) 9025 3234
Facebook ibhqsingapore
Instagram @ibhqsingapore


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