Sake delivery service SAKE TO GO offers a wide range of sakes online and with island-wide delivery as fast as one hour.

Importers and purveyors of premium Japanese products have always brought in a range of sakes into Singapore, but its this online platform service may just make it a lot easier to get your hands on them – new online commerce site and delivery service SAKE TO GO has a fairly decent range of sakes and it also aims to get your sake orders to your doorstep in as fast as an hour.

SAKE TO GO currently carries almost 100 sakes from nine different prefectures, including a range from Ibaraki prefecture’s Sudo Honke, the oldest sake brewery in Japan (it’s been making sake since 1141). Other breweries featured include Shizuoka’s Shidaizumi, as well as the Kaganotsuki range of sakes from Ishikawa’s Kaetsu. Sake prices range from $17 to $704 per bottle.

The sakes are curated by its in-house sake sommelier and educator Ayumi Fujishiro, and are classified across different categories based on occasion instead of production type or method. For example, there’s “One of a Kind”, which lists exclusive and limited edition sakes, or “For Cheers”, which recommends sakes to celebrate special or festive occasions.

It’s arranged that way on the site, according to Fujishiro, to help dispel the mistaken belief some Singaporeans have that daiginjo and junmai daiginjo sakes are the best types of sake. “Sake should be enjoyed based on situations and moods and not classified by its sake type,” she explains.

Also available on the site are a number of beers, the Kanazawa Hyakumangoku range from Ishikawa-based Hakusan Waku Waku Beer.

While the sakes on SAKE TO GO are also available on other delivery platforms like RedMart, Foodpanda, Grab Food and Deliveroo, most of them do not deliver island-wide or within the hour.



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