Carlsberg jumps on the alcohol-free bandwagon with the launch of the new Carlsberg Alcohol Free beer range – in Singapore.

Alcohol abstention is real, if the recent wave of non-alcoholic alcoholic-type beverages unleashed on the world is to be believed. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the likes of non-alcoholic spirits – from brands such as Lyre’s and Seedlip – to beers and wines stripped of their alcohol, for example. These beverages target the increasing number of teetotallers who cannot (or choose not to) partake in alcohol for a large number of reasons – designated drivers and pregnant women, for example, among others – but who still desire a fun time with their mates. Jumping on the bandwagon is Carlsberg, which has launched a new alcohol-free beer range here in Singapore.

The new Carlsberg Alcohol Free beer range consists of two beers – the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner and the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat, each of which contain not more than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). The Alcohol Free Pilsner version is modelled after Carlsberg original iconic brew, and comes with a similar malt sweetness and crisp hoppy bite. On the other hand the Alcohol Free Wheat is essentially is an alcohol-free take on a citrusy Belgian-style witbier, rife with fruity flavours and a subtle touch of coriander spice and almost no bitterness.

Both these beers are produced using a special type of yeast which ferments the wort while producing little or no alcohol, while attempting to retain as much of the flavour associated with the original Carlsberg beer.

“As more consumers across all legal age groups proactively become more health-conscious to maintain their wellbeing, seek premium, high quality products and entertain at home, they are increasingly looking for more beverage options that are in line with their lifestyles. This is where the Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beer range comes in, offering two great choices for consumers to enjoy, without compromising on taste,” says Mr Olivier Dubost, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore.

“As a company, we want to debunk the myth that alcohol free beer is a lesser alternative to regular beer. Alcohol free beer is a positive choice that can be proudly made based on one’s autonomy. Through our continuous commitment to research and development in alcohol free brews, we believe we have two great tasting brews on hand and we encourage everyone to try them for themselves, and share with friends and family,” Dubost adds.

But if there’s one real reason to imbibe in both of these beers – aside from the above-mentioned examples – is that they consist of less calories than a normal beer. While a 330ml can of original Carlsberg contains 189 calories, the Alcohol Free Pilsner and Alcohol Free Wheat contains just 66 calories and 102 calories respectively. So if you’re watching your calorie and carbohydrate intake, the new Carlsberg Alcohol Free beer range can appeal.

Carlsberg Alcohol Free Pilsner and Carlsberg Alcohol Free Wheat are available now in individual cans (330ml) and in 4-can packs at convenience stores, and major supermarkets and hypermarkets.



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